Whistler's Alley

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Whistler's Alley
Section: BeMiDo
Neighborhood: Meatpacking District
Address: West 13th St. and Washington St.
Owner/Operator: N/A
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Off Washington Street and under the old L-tracks of High Line Park, a section of W 13th St. mangles the neat grid of streets which has been left in the long forgotten more orderly neighborhoods of Manhattan is home to the meat packing plants. Their employees can be caught lingering about in their bloody aprons having a well-earned cigarette while on their breaks, no matter what the hour. Their routine cleaving of raw flesh on these dilapidated streets has permanently stained the air with the pungent scent of torn sinew, blood, cracked bones, and beaten flesh.

Perhaps that is why what sits behind a nondescript metal door sits long forgotten in its own corner of New York City. Beyond the door, a dark and winding staircase surrounded by drab plastered walls and illuminated unceremoniously by a little glowing orb on the ceiling, leads to an equally drab basement labyrinth with corridors leading every which way.

Those that know the way turn down a corridor here and down a corridor there until finally finding the appropriate one of perhaps hundreds of metal doors, with a quick rap and a shout of the appropriate words, bolts slide open on the other side and they are in the place known only as Whistler's Alley.

Greeted by several large men with their dress ranging from the conservative business suit to the most casual of jeans and wife beaters, arms clad in tattoos, the door shuts with a clink and the slide of the bolt directly after them, one hundred dollars is demanded for the privilege of entry and immediately in the glow of that single incandescent bulb above and the stale musty air one realizes that Whistler's Alley is a unique sort of place as the men pat down those that would enter.

After stepping past the grim foyer, one is in a large dark room filled with rather a nefarious crowd calling out numbers and money exchanging hands around lit area at the center. The smell of blood, sweat, smoke, liquor, drugs and even death lingers in the stuffy room. Wedging towards the center, one is at the top of a sunken circular pit with rows of benches filled with shouting faces clenching slips of papers in their hands as down below two men and at times even women face off in a match where the limits are only set by themselves and their shrewd promoters, often times sitting in the box seats along the furthest wall and at the top of the pit's seating clad in fine suits and gold with at least one gorgeous, if not vacant and self-absorbed, looking woman on his arm.

For those that are faint of heart or simply tagging along with a sporting patron that enjoys the action of betting on the fights the lighter fare of the simple bar off to the left near the entry offers a break from the carnage in the main room while off of that is a small and smoky gaming room with blackjack, craps, poker, and roulette.

Note to Players: To find Whistler's Alley and be allowed inside in the first place, a character must either have a Streetwise rating of at least 2 or be escorted by a character with a Streetwise rating of at least 2. All hearing Perception related rolls are at +2 difficulty in Whistler’s Alley. Sight Perception related rolls are at +1. The din and shouting of the crowd in the establishment makes using Heightened Senses or acute senses merits problematic.

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