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Welcome to World of Darkness: Gotham's Werewolf: The Apocalypse New Player Quick Start. This article is designed to help new members of the World of Darkness: Gotham MMORPG community to find their way quickly around the site and the wiki so that they can get right into the game with as little hassle as possible.

Before we get started, we would like to introduce ourselves to you and let you know what we're looking for and what we offer our community members.


Who We Are

Our community is made up of a bunch of seasoned players, writers, actors, and staff who are thoughtful about character and who are able to collaborate and improvise with one another in an effort to bring rich and vibrant stories to the Chronicle.

Our views and approach to role playing has a heavy thespian and literary philosophy grounding it. We resemble a theater troupe which keeps the drama on stage and discourages drama off stage.

We enjoy stories with a focus on personal horror, rather than over the top comic book sagas.

What We’re Looking For

We are always looking for intelligent and creative individuals who are able to think deeply about character and go beyond the average collection of dots to deliver a more compelling addition to the cast.

Our community is comprised of mature adults who understand offline obligations and who also understand online commitments to one another. We are looking for responsible RP partners that are respectful and appreciate the investment of other players in story and character development. Flakes are not tolerated, but we understand the need for balance and appreciate those who are considerate enough to give notice when an absence is required.

The ideal troupe member would be a self-starter who can work independently without the need of constant ST attention. Players who have a good instinct for story and character who can hit the ground running and aren’t afraid to jump in with other players tend to thrive in our community.

A willingness to respect mechanics as an impartial guide to plot twists and character development is always helpful.

A good mind’s eye or willingness to research the setting and current conditions within a scene is also desirable as it helps keep the setting and scene believable.

If you’re the type of roleplayer, writer, or actor who enjoys daydreaming about character, able to apply a Method approach to getting in character, thoughtful about character motivation, understand the importance of researching a role, and are intrigued by the opportunity to delve deeply into the psychology of supernatural creatures and the humans that surround them, then you may find that World of Darkness: Gotham is a good fit.

What We Offer

We offer a community comprised of mature players who appreciate well thought out characters and that have a love for IC drama and a good sense of story. Each of them has gone through a rigorous sanctioning process that involves collaboration with a ST to ensure that their characters will be interesting and compelling to role play with.

We have a strong sense of the Chronicle’s mood and theme which we preserve vigorously for all to enjoy. Over the top antics and obnoxious joke characters are not part of the daily fare. Therefore, we offer an immersive World of Darkness experience which is believable and filled with compelling storylines driven by both the players and STs.

We keep the spotlight on our player characters rather than on NPCs. Stories deal with their ambitions, motivations, and development giving players the opportunity to connect with their characters and the setting on a level that is meaningful to them.

We have a team of seasoned STs and powerful tools to communicate with them so that your character can enjoy ongoing growth and development in a consistent fashion. Our Character Dossier allows for timely updates to character sheets and keeps a record for you and the STs of all changes made so that you can track your character’s progress and maintain a complete record for your convenience in one centralized location.

We understand that great stories thrive on literary conflict. Plotting and maneuvering your character within the setting is nurtured by ST guidance rather than discouraged. STs are there to help facilitate behind the scenes activities so that metagaming and even unintentional metagaming is minimized.

No matter how big or small, we allow for player characters to have a meaningful and lasting impact on the wider Chronicle. This is not only allowed, but encouraged by our STs. From the most common mortal to the most powerful supernatural, all player characters are treated the same and have the same opportunity to make their mark on the Chronicle’s stories.

While we don’t facilitate titles for player characters, they can still enjoy being a power behind the throne as it were and enjoy heaps of influence within the game if that is their character’s ambition.

We have a stable platform with which to get your RP on. World of Darkness: Gotham has been delivering that platform since 2011 without a single service interruption due to admin shenanigans. Our staff is comprised of stable, adult and mature individuals. We have jobs and the bills are paid. We respect our player base and understand the commitment players make to their characters. Therefore, you can be assured that our chat will always be there so you can invest the creative and emotional energy that is required of exceptional role players without fearing if the chat will be there over the long term.

Quick Start Steps


If you still have questions after reading the wiki, place a post in the Poke a ST forum and the ST team will have a look. Please do not FPM.

Please follow our step-by-step guide and ST tips. It'll help you get acclimated to the community and in game smoothly.

  1. Read our ST Disclaimer and decide if this chat is for you first and foremost.
  2. Edition and metaplot information. See: Edition and Metaplot
  3. Register your account with the World of Darkness: Gotham community. This account will automatically register with the website, chat, wiki, and forums. Only one account per individual is allowed.
  4. Make sure that you are able to log on to the chat. Currently we have a java based client and so you need access to a device and a browser that supports java. You will also need to set exceptions for our url in your browser's settings so that you can accept pop-ups from it.
  5. Read through the Werewolf Character Creation Guidelines and start thinking about a concept for your character. If you think your concept is at all skirting the edge of our creation rules, feel free to Poke a ST before you start creation and run the idea by the staff.
    • Identify your play style and consider your availability and set reasonable expectations. Running a Garou character and developing it takes a bit of a commitment when compared to less intensive venues like Vampire. Because of the renown system and the necessity of packing with other players, it can be quite demanding. Therefore we do not recommend the venue to Casual players with the exception of those seeking to play Kinfolk.
    • If you are considering a Kinfolk, make sure that you have a player to play your character's True Born family member first and read the following articles: Kinfolk and Kinfolk Character Creation
  6. Take a look at the PC Census and see if some of the concepts on your mind aren't already covered or just don't fit within World of Darkness: Gotham's scope.
    • While you're considering a character concept and reviewing the PC Census, you might want to review the rest of your venue's wiki pages as well. If after that you have questions, feel free to Poke a ST and get some early feedback. We're happy to help.
  7. Note that at this point you are actually inside the World of Darkness: Gotham wiki and you are looking at a page within it. You can see the different menu items in the sidebar on the left. Take a moment to expand the different menu items to get an idea of some of the major sections of our wiki. Note that there is a search box as well. These will be key tools for you as you move forward. The wiki is designed as the Player's Guide for the community and anything in it supersedes the books. It's a very large wiki. You're not expected to know everything in it. You just should know how to get around so that you know how to look things up get and the information you need.
  8. Since you're already in the wiki (and presumably logged in), look up where the coffee cup is. See the little menu across the top? Click on the wiki preferences link and take a moment to set up your wiki preferences (Or you can just click the link I provided for you here in this step. Heh.).  In those preferences there's one thing that you want to make extra sure is selected. Go to the edit tab and make sure that the toolbar is enabled. The rest of the stuff you can browse through and set up how you like. You can return to the preferences at any time to change up how you experience the wiki.
  9. Once you have a concept in mind, you are ready to begin Creating Your Character. While you're entering this phase please review the bullet list directly below:
    • Right off you should notice that this is a Werewolf: The Apocalypse Chronicle with an emphasis on urban tribes and we do not accept fera. Please don't ask for an exception to this policy. If you find yourself having the urge to ask the be the exception to the rule, please consider finding another chat. Just asking indicates to us that this chat is just not a good fit for your play style and expectations in an RPG and you probably would find a better suited site elsewhere.
    • Understand that this chronicle is set in the most influential and powerful city on the planet with the most densely populated urban areas in the whole United States. So naturally the chronicle is an urban chronicle told from the perspective of urban Garou. It will be completely different from anything that you may have experienced before in a normal WtA game set in a traditional sept.
    • Also, the setting is updated to reflect advances in technology and attitudes about sustainability and the green economy. Hence, urbans are thriving compared to their rural counterparts who are not only dwindling in number but also lacking in their ability to affect meaningful change among humans.
    • This is a game where there is an emphasis on role playing a werewolf. We are extremely strict about players adhering to the fact that their characters RP out all aspects of their Garou characters including their primal sides. Incoming players must be willing to explore those levels of character to be successful in this game. Please take a moment to review the Werewolf Commentaries section of the wiki and pay special attention to Garou 101. They will give you a bit of a taste of the game's flavor so you can decide for yourself if it's the right game for you.
    • If you are planning on creating a kinfolk, your character concept and your history should be worked out with the player of the Garou to whom your character is related prior to you submitting a character to the Storytellers for sanctioning.
    • RESTRICTED CHARACTERS NOTE: Players seeking to play restricted characters should Poke a ST to talk over their character with the team. Also note that restricted character types are not suitable for players brand new to the WoDG community.
  10. You will notice that our character sheets are quite expanded. This additional information helps STs understand your character so that they can ST your character without a lot of back and forth checking and rechecking of facts. However, it may be tough to sit down and write it all in one go, so you can save your work at any time by clicking the submit button on your character sheet to save it in the Character Dossier and come back to it later by clicking on the Character Dossier link in the main Website. Please note that I'm specifying that you should not go back to the Create a Character section after submitting your character sheet the first time. You instead will go to the Character Dossier link to edit and review what you have already submitted.
  11. Once you have finished creating your character, create a sanctioning ticket. This is how STs will know that you are done with your character sheet and ready for them to review and accept it. Our typical response time is within 24 hours, but it can be longer if things are hectic IRL.
  12. You can track the ST's progress in sanctioning your character at any time through the Character Dossier link in the main Website and then click the appropriate tab to view your open tickets. This is the way the ST will engage you to request any changes or clarifications to your character sheet.
    • Be prepared for a dialogue with the ST. We like to be thorough and sure that players understand their characters and that STs have a clear picture of what sort of character is entering the setting. Expect that this dialogue can take some time depending on how long it takes for both parties to respond to the thread in their sanctioning ticket and how well both parties communicate.
  13. After all your changes are made and the ST has accepted your character sheet, the ST will provide you with any appropriate starting information and instructions. This will include links such as WtA Player Handouts and other info.
  14. Then the ST will close the ticket.
  15. All characters will be marked as Sanctioned in the database at this point. Players need to totally log out of the website and log back in to see the change in the chat.
  16. With your character done and sanctioned, you can go to the CHAT LINK ON THE MAIN WEBSITE and select your character from the drop down list, then you will log on to the chat with that character. You are now ready to RP.
  17. If you're new to chatting or just plain new to WoDG, having a look at the How To... is worthwhile so that you can learn about how to use specific tools like the Dice Roller.
  18. Now that you've got a sanctioned character you may want to know how to advance in WoDG. Take a look at the tools within the Character Dossier with respects to managing your character post-sanctioning. Guidelines can be found in the Character Development and Experience articles.
  19. Now that you are part of the community, it's probably a good idea to familiarize yourself with our Chronicle Policies.

Perks of the Job
Although we follow a predominantly LARP format in digital form, WoDG does not fill key positions within any venue's hierarchy with player characters. We've had plenty of experience with this sort of policy and it's always created more headaches than it has RP content. Players should not expect to be able to become Prince, Primogen, Grand Elder, Deacon, etc.

There are some great reasons for this:

  1. The nature of the internet and its population is highly transient. Players come and go too often from games in general. Having to replace them and explain each replacement within the story is just too much of a headache for the STs and the wider player base.
  2. It creates bad blood among the player base to have any player character have authority over another. It usually creates too much OOC drama for the potential rewards it might have.
  3. There's a certain lack of stability within the game when players take over key positions as they drop the ball on things and it takes extra work on the part of the STs to fill the gaps.

The alternatives we offer are in the form of perks, status distinction, minor positions, and of course a real IC powerbase. Player characters can earn real power and influence and wield it and via their venue's Status systems (such as Rank and its privileges in WtA) and be recognized by PCs and NPCs. The only difference is that they will not sport titles and have official authority over other characters.

Optional Additional Steps

  1. Take a look at the Players' Portal.
  2. Review how to use Player Pages.
  3. Review how to write wiki pages.
  4. Use the knowledge you acquired from the reading to create a Character Profile in the Character Profiles section of the Players' Portal and refer to the Wiki Cheat Sheet if you need hints on wiki mark up.
  5. If you suck at wiki, or need additional help you can refer to our Tips and Tricks Technical Forums and either beg someone to set up the page for you, or ask for help getting your page started.

Note: This is all optional, but as a segment of our sanctioning process we will create a Character Profile page for every player character as it's part of our internal Storyteller Character Development procedures. If you don't create a Character Profile, the page will just be left blank.

Character Creation Tips

  1. Be patient and understand that this will be a process rather than a quick fix.
  2. Don't try to get it all done in one sitting. Save your work by hitting submit early, then give yourself some time to contemplate your character. You can then come back to the Character Dossier at anytime and continue where you left off.
  3. Take a quick look over the House Rules area of the wiki. Any changes there might impact the way you want to spend your points.
  4. Garou 101 is an article the STs have put together for both veteran and players new to WtA. It's worth a read for all.
  5. We use Secondary Abilities and so that might be worth a look to see how we run them when figuring out how you want to set up your character.
  6. Some expansions have been made to Backgrounds that might be different from what you are normally used to. This can have a big impact on some Garou character concepts who tend to have a lot of layers of Kinfolk and alternate identities to act as a buffer between them and humanity. In order to set your character up in the smartest and most strategically effective way, you will want to look this area of the wiki over thoroughly.
  7. If you are thinking about taking Pure Breed please read the Pure Breed article first.
  8. Werewolf Systems is likely worth a quick look during the Character Creation phase as there are some modifications that may impact your decisions on how you want to spend your points.
  9. While there pay close attention to the Urban Social Adjustments and Urban Umbra Systems articles.
  10. Taking a look at how Gifts stack up against other venues is also important so I will recommend taking a good look at the Crossover Rules.
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