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We recommend that you use the Werewolf New Player Quick Start as a supplemental guide to these rules.

Now, before you continue to reading on the particulars of character creation take this rule of thumb and apply it to the entire process: Traits are not the core of the character. They are a way to express your character's concept and motivation. You tailor your character's traits to express what you envisioned your character to be and not vice versa.

PC Kinfolk start here with: Kinfolk and Kinfolk Character Creation


Step 1. Character Concept

Name, Age, Sex, Date of Birth, Deedname

Ok. Self-explanatory. Please fill it in. Minimum is age is 18. Recommended age is 21 and over. All Garou are assumed to have passed their Rite of Passage upon entering the game and therefore will be Cliath and have a deedname.

Note: At 18 in the United States, the character is still a minor in some respects. He can go to jail as an adult. He can vote. He can go to war. He can buy tobacco. He is just old enough to have consensual sex. He can purchase a firearm. He cannot gamble, loiter on a casino floor, drink, purchase alcohol, or get into a nightclub. He will be still seen as a child in society as few people tend to think that 18 year olds are more than children. This means that he will have negative adjustments to his social dealings and be excluded from settings. Flinging Gifts around constantly to avoid these sort of annoyances can draw unwanted attention. So while we understand that some people have a fetish for playing barely-legal characters, we don’t recommend it.

Character Concept

Character concept is the core of what your character is in a brief declarative statement or descriptor. It can be occupation, but usually that’s just part of it. Who you are isn’t just what you do. Most of us hate our jobs we don’t like to think of ourselves as the job title. It functions as the skeleton framework on which all other aspects of your character is built and is the core theme of your character, so take a moment as this definition will guide the entire rest of the character creation process.

You may want to take a look at the PC Census early on to see what is over or under represented in the chronicle already. All concepts and related characters to that concept must be your original creations.

Concepts that do well are concepts that don't require a lot of ST maintenance. Uncompromising and loner concepts tend to do poorly because players end up writing themselves into a corner and leave little room for other players to hook into your character and develop a connection. If your character has little motivation to connect with other characters, the other characters are not likely to chase yours for RP. They will just seek a connection elsewhere and you'll be left with little to RP.

This doesn't mean that stealthy concepts or spy concepts don't do well, we have unique tools to accommodate characters with Gifts and Fetishes that supplement more clandestine characters. However, these concepts still require more creativity and patience than other more socialized concepts.

Sample concepts include:

  • A shaman seeking to create a vast network of spirit informants.
  • An adrenaline junkie and Sept recon operative.
  • A savvy investor and reclusive business tycoon.
  • A homeless paranoid schizophrenic out to get “them”.
  • An obsessed computer hacker and conspiracy nut.
  • A xenophobic gang-banger; violent and uncompromising.

There will be no Character Concepts allowed that involve the player character starting with any lore in antagonists and other supernatural types. Characters will not have more than the basic understanding of what those groups are. Here are some broad generalizations:


If you still have questions after reading the Character Creation Rules, place a post in the Poke a ST forum and the ST team will have a look. Please do not send private messages in the forums.

  • Pentex: Doesn't exist. In WoDG we do not use Pentex. It's too cartoonish.
  • Fomori: Mutated Wyrm ridden husks of their former selves. The only thing to do with them is put them down.
  • Banes: Loathsome and despicable spirits too numerous and varied to mention. Seducing and corrupting is all their only purpose. Ours is to rip them to shreds.
  • Black Spiral Dancers: Lost! An Abomination! Do not let it speak. Do not let it take another breathe. Kill it quickly!
  • Fera: You know what? Fuck Garou guilt. We’re the Chosen Ones dammit!
  • Other Tribes: Eh...yeah I know the general stereotypical stuff, but my tribe is best. Go us!
  • Mages: Er…yeah. Keep them away. Keep them away from me. Keep them away from the fucking caern! I heard that some can be useful, but I’m not going to make like I’m at Costco trying out all the tasty demos before deciding what flavor to buy! I’m on a diet!
  • Vampires: You know we’re savvy city slickers. We don’t hump trees and get a stiffy every time a leech crosses our path like our inbred country cousins. Leeches are small potatoes and not worth the headache stirring them up. Any city Garou with half a brain knows that.
  • There will be no character concepts or histories involving any other supernatural type. This means no backgrounds like: "my father was killed by a BSD Goat Herder and his kickin' nephandus mage sidekick Flopsy. Now I must find them and avenge my father's death."
  • Any mental disability or any trait which would hamper a Garou's ability to feel the effects of Rage, the Beast, the instinct to perform their Sacred Duty, and Gnosis are not allowed. Examples of this might include Ennui which deadens emotions and therefore one of its unintended side effects is to take all the passion out of being a primal force of nature desperately fighting for survival of its species. Essentially it dampens too many Garou traits without the dangers and consequences of Harano.
  • No concepts that involve a Garou character working in occupations directly in the public sector or in an industry that requires a lot of social skills and exposure to stressful situations with humans in proximity to them or that requires ongoing training, participation in conferences, and special licensing. Law enforcement, medical, legal, judicial, bureaucratic, government, and journalism positions are really not appropriate. The risks to the Veil make such occupations too risky to be worthwhile and because of the Curse Garou rely on Kinfolk to influence and infiltrate such sectors.

Nature and Demeanor

These are personality archetypes that function a lot like a general psychological guide for your character. They are another measuring stick and descriptor of your character’s personality, behavior, goals, motivations, and general direction. A list of them can be found in all core books for cWoD venues. Alternatively, players can create their own.


Homid are unrestricted. Lupus are banned. Metis are a restricted character type.

Players playing metis are expected to be advanced WtA players which know the difference between a metis and a homid. Any metis characters played as though they were simply like homids with a genetic defect will be removed from play. Further, metis are subject to closure at any time if their numbers become too high. Also, if you play a metis, you will be strictly subject to our Inactivity Policy. This is so that inactive players will not be able to hold hostage restricted slots if they do not intend on playing their characters. We do not allow metis Ahroun.

Check with the PC Census to see if metis are currently available.

To petition to play a metis, please give the STs a Poke on the forums to begin a dialogue. Expect a good deal of back and forth as you pitch your character idea to the STs.


Choose the Auspice that best fits your character concept.


Some tribes are not appropriate for the setting and others are restricted. Note that if you play a character of a restricted tribe, you will be strictly subject to our Inactivity Policy. This way, inactive players will not be able to hold hostage restricted slots if they do not intend on playing their characters. Check with the PC Census to see what tribes are currently available.

Furthermore, all characters from restricted tribes must specify in their character history why it is that they have ventured into the city. There are tons of plausible reasons to come into the city. There are fewer reasons to remain in the city and be counted among the urrah. This must be detailed. See: Residing In The Scab

Finally, if after all that you are still dead set on playing a restricted tribe within WoDG, you should petition the STs by giving them a poke on the Poke a ST Forum.

VERY IMPORTANT: There will be no urbanized concepts accepted from rural tribes. If you want to play an urban character, then select one of the two urban tribes that are not restricted.

Restricted character types are not suitable for players brand new to the WoDG community.


Note that you don’t have to create a Garou of a certain camp. Those are optional unless indicated otherwise. If you do choose a camp, only those indicated will be allowed.

Tribal Weaknesses

We do make use of tribal weaknesses. Those are not optional.

Tribe Availability Camps Tribal Weakness
Black Furies Restricted Moon-Daughters, Our Order of Merciful Mother -1 Difficulty to Frenzy when provoked by men.
Bone Gnawers Unrestricted Any camp save Hillfolk +1 Difficulty to Social Rolls with other tribes.
Children of Gaia Restricted Servants of the Unicorn, The Patient Deed, Demeter's Daughters (2nd ed.), Angels in the Garden (2nd ed.) Weak Veil: Witnesses at +4 on the Delirium Chart.
Fianna Restricted Of the two factions the less traditional Fianna should be represented in WoDG. Acceptable camps are Grandchildren of Fionn, Songkeepers, Brotherhood of Herne, Whispering Rovers Low Self Control: All Willpower rolls are at +1 Difficulty.
Get of Fenris Restricted Fangs of Garm, Valkyria of Freya, The Hand of Tyr Intolerance as per the Flaw
Glass Walker Unrestricted All Weaver Affinity: Can't regain Gnosis in the wilderness.
Red Talons Banned NA NA
Shadow Lords Restricted Lords of the Summit, The Children of Crow Failure’s Dagger: Lose temporary renown when failing in a task that would have otherwise gained your character renown. The amount and type lost is equal to the type and amount gained if had the character been successful.
Silent Striders Restricted Harbingers, Seekers, Wayfarers Haunted: Attract ghosts when botching a roll to step sideways.
Silver Fang Restricted House Wyrmfoe is found in the Northeast. Sun Lodge is more easily represented in cities as are Renewalists. Note: Silver Fangs must be from House Wyrmfoe. Derangement - Depression and Ennui do not qualify as Derangements as they are too akin to the Garou mental state of Harano and create complications with basic core concepts of Garou psychology and physiology.
Stargazers Restricted The Zephyr (2nd ed.), The World Tree (2nd ed.) Obsessive Mind Games - Failed Enigmas rolls triggers introverted obsession with mysteries.
Uktena Restricted Earth Guides, Skywalkers, Web Walkers
Intense Curiosity. Willpower roll Difficulty 8 when called for by a ST.
Wendigo Restricted The Warpath, The Sacred Hoop, The Ghost Dance Wheel of the Seasons


Put Sept of the Green. That will be your character's sept once sanctioned.


Leave this blank. Packs are formed in game over the course RP


Cliath! W00t!

NOTE: All character concepts will be Cliath characters. There will be no cub concepts accepted nor First Changes run by STs. Those are stories for your character history. All player characters will start out knowing who and what they are and the basics of Garou Society.

Character History

We Are The Champions!

Recognize that you are creating a starting character. Characters that are at the peak of success are not appropriate. Leave room for growth.

Once your concept has been determined you are ready to start on your character's meat and potatoes.

Your character history should be in line with your concept. When fleshing out the history, please be mindful of your character's motivations.

A good rule of thumb is to include a bit about your character's mundane life and past history, perhaps even family history, The First Change and Rite of Passage, life since the Rite of Passage as a Cliath. Other areas to touch upon might include bits about key figures in the Character’s past, the Character’s key present social network (details of allies, contacts, kinfolk, mentors, etc.).

We do require that any unusual Traits like Merits and Flaws be explained. 

All characters should be new to the city and therefore the history should also include how your character came to decide on New York City as a new home. It should end with the character making that decision. See below.

Many people are not writers by trade and find writing a history to be a grueling process, they simply have their own way of working a history out, or perhaps they flesh things out as they go. So to streamline the process, we require one small paragraph or a bulleted list similar to a timeline for a character history at a bare minimum. The most important thing about your character's history is that it functions as a means to communicate to the STs and to yourself who and what your character is and why is he driven to do the things he does. For some people all it takes to do that is a well constructed and thoughtful paragraph or timeline. For others it may take several paragraphs.

Don't be intimidated by the process if writing histories isn't your thing, just get your point across well and that should be enough.

Entering NYC and the Sept

Finally, the character should be new to the city and trying to gain acceptance by the Sept. It simply makes no sense to have new player characters entering the setting as new sept mates who have always been part of the sept and the Nation when other player characters also in the sept have no basis for knowing them. Therefore, you should spend some time detailing the circumstances of your character's relocation to New York City and there are a couple of key things that you need to spend some time thinking about before you wrap your history up.

Consider the circumstances of his decision to move to NYC.

  • If he's of one of the rural tribes, think about what extreme circumstances would lead him to the scab and to live in disgrace among the urrah.
  • If he's an urban character, why did he leave his other pack and sept? Packs and septs are closer than family to Garou to separate from them is no small affair.

Some ideas could surround a number of themes:

  • Redemption. Your rural character may have done something he needed to atone for and living in exile to be counted among the urrah seems an appropriate penance.
  • Spying. Your character could be a spy from his sept of origin.
  • Charach. Maybe your character fell for another Garou and left his sept so that he could put distance between he and the object of his affection so as not to give in to temptation and break the Litany.

Histories where your character has come to NYC to follow up a lead on a person from their past that has gone missing, done them wrong, been murdered, etc. is not appreciated by staff nor are they appropriate agendas to maintain. It requires staff to create a special SL for your character alone and that's not a good use of ST time. Also, when your character finally achieves that objective it leaves little room for his story to continue.

Septs of the Nation

When considering where your character came from please refer to the list of septs below. These are the only Garou septs available. There are no others. The tribal structure column refers to tribes found within a particular sept. Closed indicates that no other tribes other than those listed are accepted within the sept. Open indicates that the dominant tribes welcome members of other tribes into their sept. Cities and locations indicated are the nearest dominant landmark to the sept.

The Americas

Sept Name
Tribal Structure
Suicide Kings
Atlantic City, NJ
Glass Walkers, Open
Devil's Table (Djävulens Bord)
Pine Barrens, NJ
Get of Fenris and Red Talons, Closed
Sleipnir de Hol (Sleipnir's Hollow)
Near Tarrytown, NY
Get of Fenris, Closed
Adirondacks, NY
Silver Fangs, Fianna, Open
Hole in the Wall
South Bronx, NY
Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers, Closed (Not open as a historical sept for player characters)
Sept of the Green Manhattan, NY Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers, Open (Not open as a historical sept for player characters)
Center for Public Administration
Washington D.C.
Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers, Closed
Spirit of '76
Philadelphia, PA
Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers, Closed (Not open as a historical sept for player characters)
La Sala
Miami, FL
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open
Silver Mists
Smoky Mountains National Park, TN
Fianna, Silver Fangs, Children of Gaia, Open
Golden Dawn
Black Hills National Park, WY Wendigo, Uktena, Red Talons, Closed
Gaia's Rage
Yellowstone National Park, WY
Wendigo, Uktena, Red Talons, Closed
Winter Wolf
Noatak Preserve and Wilderness, AK
Wendigo, Red Talons, Closed
Chill Wind
Chicago, IL
Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers, Open
Chinle (Flowing Outwards)
Havasupai Reservation, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
Uktena, Closed
Mile High Club Denver, CO Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open
Wetaskiwin (Place of Peace)
Yosemitee, CA
Children of Gaia, Stargazers, Fianna, Open
Player's Club
Los Angeles, CA Bone Gnawers, Glass Walkers, Open
The Circuit Board
Seattle, WA
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Closed
Luna's Ire
Mount Rainier National Park, WA
Wendigo, Red Talons, Closed
Yupkoyvi (Place Beyond the Horizon)
Chaco Canyon, NM
Uktena, Stargazers, Closed
Striptease Las Vegas, NV Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Uktena, Closed
Nokomisninidja (Gaia's Fist)
Ontario, Canada
Wendigo, Uktena, Closed
Silver Leaf
Toronto, Canada
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open
Hallowed Mists
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open
Nostra Dei
Montreal, Canada
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open
La Copa
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open
El Lugar de Pedro Nevajas (Switchblade Pete's)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open
Santos Estan Gritando (Screaming Saints)
Mexico City, Mexico
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open

Sept Name Location Tribal Structure
Stygian Eye
Miria, Greece
Black Furies, Closed
Sept of the Spindler
Knossos, Crete Black Furies, Closed
Mossy Lee
Brugh Na Boinne, Ireland
Fianna, Closed
Silver Lining
Dublin, Ireland
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Fianna, Open
Lugh Stone
Edinburgh, Scotland
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open
Blutiges Heulen (Bloody Howl)
Black Forest, Germany
Get of Fenris, Silver Fangs, Open
Rome, Italy
Glass Walkers, Closed
Gyllene Snittet (Golden Ratio)
Stokholm, Sweden
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open
Stor Tinget (The Great Council)
Uppsala, Sweden
Get of Fenris, Closed
Åsgard Makt (Asgard's Might)
Junkerdal National Park, Norway
Get of Fenris, Closed
Gaia's Andardráttur (Gaia's Breath)
Thórsmörk Park, Iceland
Get of Fenris, Closed
Dark Mountain
Apuseni Natural Park, Romania
Shadow Lords, Closed
Thunder Gorge
Tara National Park, Serbia
Shadow Lords, Closed
The Conservatory
London, UK Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Fianna, Open
La Sonrisa Del Hidalgo (The Bastard's Laugh)
Barcelona, Spain
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open
La Alma de Razon (The Soul of Reason)
Salamanca, Spain
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open
Le Chemin Lumineux (The Illuminated Way)
Paris, France
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open
Berlin, Germany
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open
Sametové Pěsti (Velvet Fist)
Prague, Czech Republic
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open
Constantine's Prize
Istanbul, Turkey
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open
Africa and the Middle East

Sept Name
Tribal Structure
Wheel of Ptah
Tassili N'Ajjer National Park, Algeria
Silent Striders, Closed
The Ankh
Cairo, Egypt
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Silent Striders, Open
Jordanian Highlands, Jordan
Silent Striders, Closed
The Silver Web
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open
The Crossroads
Jerusalem, Israel
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open
Black Diamond
Cape Town, South Africa
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open

Sept Name
Tribal Structure
Dragon's Gate
Hong Kong, China
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Stargazers. Open
Kyoto, Japan
Shadow Lords, Glass Walkers, Open
Greys Sokola (Falcon's Grace)
Central Urals, Russia
Silver Fangs, Open
Slezy Vorov (Thieve's Tears)
Moscow, Russia
Glass Walkers, Bone Gnawers, Open
Kogti Sokola (Falcon's Talons)
Kurshskaya Kosa Park, Russia
Silver Fangs, Open
Snow Leopard
Himalayas, Tibet
Stargazers, Closed

Other Thoughts When Writing a Character History

We've had players ignore the rule of not being from the city or try to find workarounds by stating their character was originally from the city but left before First Change and then turned elsewhere only to return to NYC after they have completed their Rite of Passage or they aren't from the city perse, but one of its suburbs. So to be clear, your character should be completely new to the greater New York Metropolitan area.

When you are creating your character history remember your audience. You are creating a history and that audience is comprised of the ST and you. These histories should convey your character's main idea and motivation. If you are playing a werewolf then draw us a picture with words about a werewolf. That means not spending a bunch of paragraphs on his life as a human and a short epilogue of being a werewolf (if metis talk about being human, they can just make a homid). All that tells me is that you have no idea what you're doing or how to create and role-play a werewolf.

Psychological Profile

This is a breakdown of your character's personality and what influences and shapes that personality. It's a more in depth study than what Nature and Demeanor provide. Please use this as an opportunity to flesh out your character and pay particular attention to how your character's Auspice, Tribe, Primal-Urge, Gnosis, Rage, Camp, Breed, and over all dual werewolf nature has shaped his personality.

Also be wary of creating a psychological profile that is more human than Garou. In WoDG most Garou will be homids, but a homid is quite different from actually being human. You are creating a werewolf. The psychology of the character should be one for a werewolf.

STs consider this section to be one of the three most important areas of the sheet so make certain to spend some time on it without getting too clinical. We're not looking for clinical, we're looking for what he's like and why - with the why keeping in mind his Garou nature.

So some things that you may want to spend some time thinking about could include:

  • What was the First Change like and what kind of impression did it make on the character?
  • What sort of relationship does he have with his family and how does that impact his personality?
  • How important is his spirituality to him? How does it influence his personality? What role does his Sacred Duty play in shaping his personality?
  • Auspices have waxing and waning aspects. Which is your character and how does that influence his personality?
  • All Garou are creatures of duality how do his human, spirit, and wolf sides impact him?
  • If he's a metis, how has being a source of shame and scorn shaped him? Is he bitter? Withdrawn? Insecure?
  • How does his tribal and camp culture influence him?
  • What are some of his beliefs with respect to his Sacred Duty? The Triat? Why?
  • Does he cling to tradition or does he adapt? Why?

Don't Worry!

Did you know that you can save your progress by hitting submit on your character sheet form at any time? We understand that the process is lengthy and you might not have the time to get through it all in one sitting, so for your convenience you can save your character sheet and then return to the Character Dossier at any time to continue working on your character sheet.


If your character is starting with a Derangement you can list it here. If not, leave it blank.

Next of Kin

Family is very important in Garou culture. Even if your character is estranged from his family and even if most of them died in some tragic event, it's likely that he has some family ties somewhere - no matter how distant. It's likely that one or two relatives exist at least. If so please list them. Include information such as their names, relation to your character, occupations, ages, and locations.


Some players really get into outlining a character's family tree. They get deep into character with it and have fun RPing out elaborate introductions with other players. It's also a great exercise to help you think about your character's origins and how it has made him what he is.

You can work out your character's lineage here in this form field.

Character Description

This is an area that will be available for editing post sanctioning and it's viewable to all players in the chat. Therefore, you should limit the description to what one would gather from a first impression or meeting. Some players use it to describe what their character is currently wearing or their general appearance within a scene.

Character Motivation

This form field is easily the most important part of your character's sheet and you will not be sanctioned without having it fully developed.

A character motivation tells you and the ST what makes your character tick and why. It's the engine of your character. The reason he gets up each day and does what he does. Each day he wakes and you wonder what you should be RPing, you can look back to your motivation and use that to help you get into character and know what he would do in a scene. Actors and writers use motivation to connect with their characters, explore them, and inhabit their skins - so will you.

We've found that players who don't have a thoughtful motivation on their sheet end up not knowing what to do with their character once in game. They are unconnected to their character because of it and the quality of their RP suffers. Essentially they are like ships without a rudder.

Players with strong, well thought out motivations tend to hit the ground running after sanctioning and have no shortage of ideas to bring to the game which in turn tends to help them work off other player characters much better than those with bland motivations. They find it easier to become their characters while in game and they are better actors and writers for it.

Since you are playing a werewolf, you will want to revisit what you wrote in the history and the psychological profile and see how those tie into his motivations. If your concept, history, and psychological profile were solid, writing a character motivation should be pretty intuitive. Just as in the psychological profile, you will want to pay attention to Auspice, Tribe, Primal-Urge, Gnosis, Rage, Camp, Breed, Sacred Duty, and the Curse as those are some common drivers for any Garou.

In other words, ask yourself what motivates your werewolf and make sure that the motivation isn't something that could be interchangeable to a human character. After all, you are choosing to explore a werewolf character and not a human.

This motivation will serve as a guide to your character's development and his activities both in scene and in downtime. It will also change as your character grows and will need to be updated periodically as events in the game will affect him.

Goals: Short and Long Term

Both goal form fields are milestones that your character has and is very much guided by his motivation. It's his strategy to fulfill his motivation.

If say your character is motivated to be a figure of great renown among the Garou, then the next thing to ask is how is he going to go about getting that recognition? What's the measuring stick for success? When will he feel fulfilled and satisfied? Will he ever?

These goal form fields are a way to express things he wants to achieve to feel fulfilled and in control - to have that renown, respect, and recognition. Maybe his ultimate measure of recognition is to have tales of his deeds recounted in the septs across the Garou Nation. Maybe he feels that cultivating a vast network of kinfolk with which to influence and control the flock is a key to personal power and personal power will get him the recognition he craves. Maybe he has a combination of goals that form an overall strategy and need to be met in order to gain that renown. So in the form fields you'd want to sketch out some ideas of how he's going to get that power and influence to feel in control.

Like motivation, goals change as your character grows and is changed by his experiences and the effects of events around him. So you should spend time updating them periodically as you develop your character over the course of RP.

Step 2. Select Attributes

Werewolf Starting Stats
Attributes 7/5/3 Abilities 13/9/5
Backgrounds 5 Gifts: 1 Breed, 1 Auspice, 1 Tribe
Willpower: by Tribe Gnosis: by Breed
Rage: by Auspice Renown: by Auspice
Rank: Cliath Freebies 15
All Attributes start with a rating of 1. Players then add their expenditures to that rating. So if you spend 2 dots in Dexterity, you would end up with a rating of 3. 2+1=3.

Attributes have not been modified in WoDG. However as with any other Trait on your character sheet, the dots must be supported by the character concept and history. If it doesn’t jive, it’s going to get sent back.

The starting specialty your character will have needs to make sense given your character concept. For example, we can accept that a scientist concept would have Intelligence 4. However, if that same scientist also has stacked himself with Dexterity 4 and Wits 4, we’re going to send the sheet back for revision.

You will note that there is a corresponding Attribute explanation form field supplied on the character sheet. This field can be left blank if there are no questionable Attribute ratings that need to be explained. If you think you chose something that might cause the STs to raise their eyebrows, then go ahead and detail why you feel the rating supports the overall character concept.

Step 3. Abilities

Abilities should never go above 3 for starting characters unless there’s a character concept that supports an expertise of some sort. For instance, if you are playing a medical doctor it’s perfectly logical to have Medicine at 4.

No specialties at all for starting characters in Combat Abilities. If you’re concept denotes an ex-military type or a mercenary or a veteran, we’ll allow you to specialize in a non-combative support function. For instance, a sniper might specialize in Stealth. A former Army Ranger might have Survival at 4. A former spy might have Subterfuge at 4.

You will note that there is a corresponding Ability explanation form field supplied on the character sheet. This field can be left blank if there are no questionable Abilities or Ability ratings that need to be explained. If you think you chose something that might cause the STs to raise their eyebrows, then go ahead and detail why you feel the trait supports the overall character concept.

Also we’ve made some expanded offerings on Abilities in WoDG and allowed for the robust use of Secondary Abilities. It’s worth a look, if you’re looking to make your character a bit more…unique.

Every player character gets Garou Lore 2 and 2 dots in their character’s own Tribal Lore to start for free. Yay!

One thing that I should point out is that think carefully where to spend your points. Your abilities need to support your concept and so you need to ask yourself what abilities your character would have in order to pull off his concept.

Remember you can't roll any pools using Knowledges in which your rating is 0. Pools with Skills at 0 will always have a +1 Difficulty to them before any other adjustments required by the scene.

Note: Klaive Dueling and Kalindo are both considered Secondary Abilities, but cost the same as Primary Abilities.

Primal Urge has been limited to 1 for homids. 2 will be considered with an exceptional story. Metis may take up to 3 Primal Urge to start and are expected to RP this instinctual aspect of the character properly.

Note: We've depreciated Dodge and Linguistics though both abilities are still present on the character sheet forms. We will not be updating those forms until 4th Edition is published. Dodge is expressed by Athletics and can be a specialty of Athletics or it can be taken as a Secondary Combat Talent. Linguistics is now a specialty of Academics or can be taken as a Secondary Ability on its own. Linguistics applies to scholars of languages. If your character is not a scholar and only fluent in one or more languages, then use the Language Merit. This merit does not count towards your 7 point maximum in merits.

Step 4. Advantages


1 Breed. 1 Auspice. 1 Tribe.

You can buy additional Gifts with freebies, but they may not be out of Tribe, Breed or Auspice.

We do accept Gifts from splat books so long as the Gifts are specific to either Breed, Auspice or Tribe. The only exception is Rage Across the Heavens. Gifts from that sourcebook are banned. Further, camp Gifts are not allowed at Character Creation.


Enter in any rites your character has purchased with the Rites Background.


You have 5 dots in Backgrounds to spend. All of these points must make sense with your character concept and history.

We’ve made additions and modifications to Backgrounds. To make the most of your points, please take a moment to review them in the Backgrounds wiki page.

We don't outright ban Backgrounds based on tribal restrictions.

Some tribes have stronger reasons for having backgrounds accessible to their members than others. Does that mean that if you’re playing a Bone Gnawer you can be Tony Stark or Warren Buffet? No. That means that you can take a couple of dots in Resources if you have a well documented reason for it. Does that mean that as a Silver Fang you have to take Pure Breed precisely at 3? No. You can get away with 1 or 2, but there will be consequences. Does that mean as a Glass Walker, you can’t have a mentor? Um no. Business people, techies, mobsters, and assorted influential movers and shakers have their mentorship programs same as anyone. Ever seen the Apprentice? Should your Glass Walker or Bone Gnawer be able to take Pure Breed then? Probably not.

There are some Backgrounds which we limit at the start and some we disallow completely in the WtA venue.

  • Resources: may not be above 4 to start. 2 if the only source of income is from a settlement, award, investment, trust fund, etc.
  • Contacts: Specify the name, ages, occupations (Include company name), marital status, and locations of each Major Contact. Include Minor Contact types.
  • Allies: Specify the name, ages, occupations (Include company name), marital status, and locations of each Ally.
  • Retainers: may not be above 3 to start. These can be Kinfolk or human assistants like perhaps a secretary or driver, etc. PC Kinfolk are always counted as Retainers
  • Pure Breed: heavily restricted and subject to capping.
  • Kinfolk: No more than 2 for rural tribes to start. No more than 3 to start for urban tribes.
  • Mentor: Mentors should not be in the greater New York Metropolitan area if they are taken at Character Creation. Otherwise, they would be members of the Sept themselves. However, player characters might earn mentors from in game NPCs over the course of play.
  • Rites: Dependent on Ritual knowledge rating. Beginning Rituals and Rites ratings no higher than 1 for Non-Theurges to start. Theurges limit is 3 for starting characters.
  • Fetish: Banned at Character Creation.
  • Touched: Banned
  • Totem: Banned at Character Creation.
  • Numen: Banned
  • Caern: Banned
  • Fate: Banned
  • Spirit Heritage: No more than 2.
  • Influence: Banned at Character Creation.

There is an explanation form field just as with Attributes and Abilities for Backgrounds. Here you would specify Backgrounds not specified elsewhere. For instance, you would use the field to specify your character's Contacts and Allies, but not his Rites as that's covered elsewhere in the Character Sheet.

Supporting Characters

On Backgrounds and Adversarial Backgrounds that give your character access to NPCs, you will need to make a Character Sheet for them if you intend to use these NPCs for any reason in a scene or in downtime. NPCs with no character sheets creates awkward situations when there is no opposing dice pool or traits that set difficulties.

NPC creation is easy and done in our Character Creation System. Human Retainers and Followers all follow the rules on Mortal Character Creation. Kinfolk follow Kinfolk Character Creation Rules. See: NPC Creation

These supporting Character Sheets do not require lengthy histories. Their associations to your player character will be dealt with in your player character’s history.

Renown and Rank

Record your character’s beginning renown based on Auspice. Your character is starting out as a Cliath.

Brodie Alley by skybolt.jpg

Step 5. Last Touches 


Record your character’s beginning Rage based on Auspice. Be very very careful with Rage ratings in a city. Remember if your character's Rage exceeds his Willpower, it will affect all social dealings with humans. With around 76% of the human population having Willpower below 6 and New York being so densely populated, the chances of having real issues every day with Rage ratings of over 5 are absolute. Even Rage ratings of 4 and 5 are problematic. Understand that all humans with Willpower at or below your character's temporary Rage are subject to the Curse. In densely populated areas, a Garou with high Rage will part crowds like Moses at the Red Sea and make skittish humans scatter due to sheer instinct like a herd of gazelle in the wake of a lion's passing.

The absolute Rage limit for starting characters is 7. If you take a Rage of 7, you will be expected to RP out all the disadvantages at every turn. If you do not sufficiently do so, the Storytellers may give you warnings, reduce your character's Rage, and do other unpleasant things to you.


Record your character’s beginning Gnosis based on Breed. No more than 2 for Homid. Metis can take up to 4.


Record your character’s beginning Willpower based on tribe. No more than 7 to start.

Merits and Flaws

Merits and Flaws should not exceed 7 points each. Werewolf characters can use Merits and Flaws from any venue so long as it is not specific to that venue. For instance, a Garou could not take Beacon of the Unholy!

The Language Merit is the only merit that will not count towards your 7 point maximum.

There are several Merits and Flaws that are not allowed. We’ve compiled a list of approved Merits and Flaws for your ease of use. Please don’t snowflake. If it’s not on the list, don’t ask for it.

Also if you have not already, it might be worth it for you to take a look at Backgrounds again and look at Adversarial Backgrounds. These special Backgrounds function like Flaws and may be appropriate for your character concept.

There is a corresponding form field for Merit and Flaw explanations.

Your character's Merits and Flaws should be pretty easy to pick out. Often times when players write their character histories, the Merits and Flaws just jump out and players then write them on the sheet. Regardless, they need to be fully documented and grounded in your character's history. There is a corresponding form field for Merits and Flaws explanations where you can summarize what you had fully explained in the character history. This helps STs quickly look up the Merits and Flaws without having to hunt and peck through the history while trying to work with you.

Warning: Players must be prepared to play out all their stats in this Chronicle. With respect to Flaws, we will enforce them regularly. Don't take them if you're not willing to RP them.

Equipment Owned, Carried, Created

The equipment form fields are used for listing equipment that your character owns and carries. These are possessions of relatively low worth or that would come standard based on your character's Resource Rating and the lifestyle that that Resource Rating can afford. Valuables like jewels, collectibles, etc are described further down the sheet in the Financial Assets area.

We don't require a complete inventory of every item a character possesses right down to the amount of hair ties and perfumes. However, items that can be relevant to a scene need to be listed. Carried items should be a more complete list.

The rule of thumb is that if you may use it in a scene, it must be on the list. Mobile phones, identification, business cards, etc should be listed. We don't really care to know about your character's personal grooming arsenal, but if you ever think you are going to McGuyver something out of a tube of lipstick, dental floss, and hair spray, you are better off listing everything.

Created equipment are articles your character has made and should be left blank at Character Creation.

Dedicated Items

If your character has the Rite of Talisman Dedication, he can list his dedicated items here and describe them in his various forms. A set of clothing counts as one dedicated item. Separate items count separately. A bag full of ritual items would require multiple Gnosis points to dedicate.

Weapons and Armor

Fill in the form fields for any weapons or armor your character possesses. Make sure that you have indicated if it is owned or carried in either the item's name field. For melee weapons just put the base damage modifier of the weapon. This is usually a number between 1 and 3.

Note on Firearms: To have a Carry and Conceal permit in WoDG, your character must either purchase the Firearms License Merit (2 pts. HtR PG pg. 112) or you may buy 2 dots in the Background Certification. The presence of neither on a character sheet will indicate that any firearms carried are carried illegally. Premises permits will cost 1 point in Certification.

Furthermore, all firearms licenses will require that your character owe a boon to a NPC which will be expressed in the Beholden Flaw at 3pts for a Carry and Conceal and 2 pts for a Premises permit. This is because your character is a Garou and therefore has no occupation that would meet the standards for a Carry and Conceal permit for NYC. NPCs in the game have been in NYC long enough to have the juice to facilitate workarounds.

Financial Assets

Your character can possess a number of assets according to his Resources Rating. When detailing assets, please list the estimated value of the individual asset and who is the owner of record of that asset. The owner of record will usually be your character's name unless you have the Alt ID background at rating 3 or more and for some reason have it set up where your character's assets are held under an alias.

Primary Residence

Leave this blank as you're creating your character. When you are in the sanctioning process with the ST, this field will be addressed.


This is fairly straightforward. However, it's worth noting that keeping some vehicles within the city can be quite costly and therefore require an appropriate Resources rating. The level of Resources required varies from borough to borough and vehicle type. For example, keeping a car in Staten Island is no more expensive than in your average American suburb and is required due to sprawl and less robust public transportation coverage whilst keeping a car in Manhattan is extremely costly and impractical.

Other Property

This area is for players to describe other valuable property their character's own. This might be income property, jewelry, a collection of rare stamps, a collection of antiques, paintings, etc. When describing the property, please include estimated value.


These are usually liquid assets like bank accounts, stocks, funds, bonds, etc. Please include the value of the account, the name of the account holder, and which financial institution or brokerage manages the account.


Insurance doesn't typically count against your character's Resources rating's total asset amount unless you have purchased certain life insurance products. However, some may carry insurance on vehicles, havens, and personal property.

Please include the policy type, name of the insurance company, and the name on the policy.

Step 6. Sanctioning, Prelude, and Getting in Game!

Leave Prelude at no as we have phased Preludes out of the process. Then hit submit.

You can go to your Character Dossier to review your sheet and correct any boo boos. When you are satisfied, you can CREATE A SANCTIONING TICKET which will notify STs that your sheet is ready for review.

At this point you and the ST will begin a dialogue in the ticket if you've not Poked a ST before. The ST will give feedback and request any changes if applicable. You can expect some collaboration with the ST. This is entirely normal.

Once everything is settled, the ST will let you know that you are sanctioned in the ticket and provide you with some starting information and give you access to IC forums and handouts for your venue. It's at this point that haven will be discussed as a finishing touch and you'll be asked to create a character wiki page like the Character Profiles located in the Player's Portal. The ticket then will be closed out and you'll be ready to RP and GAME ON!

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