Wailing Trumpet

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The Wailing Trumpet

Section: Lower Manhattan

Neighborhood: SoHo

Address: 106 Wooster St.; Wooster and Spring

A narrow street heavily strewn in long shadows stretching from the old artisan warehouses crowding the night sky houses a hot nightclub that attracts the swingin'est cats in town. Located in the fashionable SoHo neighborhood, the old brick ironworks building, with fire escapes winding up the 19th Century façade, marks the Wailing Trumpet on Wooster Street. The club has become so popular among New Yorkers that reservations for dinner are needed no less than three months in advance and it's become a favorite celebrity haunt.

A non-descript iron door, with rust spotting the surface more for effect than there out of decay, is set back in an alcove subtly marking the entrance. A very dim glow from the interior escapes into the alcove in soft steams of gold, fuchsia, and aqua blue and shines on four bouncers draped in tuxedos behind a burgundy velvet rope as patrons wait to enter, handing over their ID and their cover to the men who summarily direct them inside - Dinner parties and VIPs on the right everyone else on the left.

The foyer behind the bouncers opens up into a black and gold marble tiled hall with fashionable sconces on the walls which are painted in a parchment like texture and recessed lighting dots the ceiling making the whole place splash in a myriad of colors. Arches with thick red velvet drapes tied back with silken cords open up into a quiet grand bar area on the right which leads to a spiral staircase that accesses dining space up above. Directly ahead, the sounds of big band swingin' tunes vibrate with an infectious energy that spills out into the hall and into the grand bar. Beyond these curtains, lies the heart of the Wailing Trumpet - an expansive square room draped in the same lighting as the hall and with a dance floor jammed packed with zoot suits and skirts strutting their stuff at the center. A bandstand directly after it and seen from the entry.

Directly to the right, along the wall that shares its common with the grand bar room, is a large mahogany bar with intricate carpentry work and a marble top accenting it. Six polished bartenders staff the bar in white shirts and black vests while around the edges of the room and along the upper floor overlooking the area, an army of waiters attend to dinner guests. Cocktail waitresses in small yet tasteful black velvet dresses walk the floor and the assortment of art nouveau sofas and mahogany coffee tables that line the left wall in a raised area that offers an excellent vantage point in which to watch the moves on the dance floor and the swingin' cats on the lit up bandstand.

Note to Players: Sight related Perception rolls are at +1 difficulty in the Wailing Trumpet and Hearing related Perception rolls are +2 difficulty in the main room. Use of Heightened Senses or any similar power in the main room will stun the Player Character for 2d10 minutes real time. ID is required and the club is 21 and over. Minors are at a +2 difficulty on social rolls involving sneaking in or passing fake ID off.

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