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To view your Character Sheet merely click on the 5 or 6 tabs on the right hand side of the webpage as shown in the screen shot on this page.

You can switch between tabs to review your character sheet. That's really all there is to it.

The Character View Tabs are:

  • View Character Sheet - View your character's traits and skills
  • View Equipment - View what your character is carrying and owns. Weapons and armor are also included here.
  • View Goals - View your character's agenda along with long and short term Goals
  • View Profile - View your character's history, description, psychological profile, and trait explanations.
  • View Holdings - View your character's assets, real estate, vehicles, investments, insurance, etc.
  • Garou/Mage Specific Tab (yellowish)- These tabs detail MtA and WtA specific traits and gear like Fetishes, Wonders, Rotes, Rites, Gifts, etc.
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