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Vampire Status is a Background Trait that is not gained with XP. Below is a complete explanation as to how Status, Notoriety and Prestation is handled in WoDG.


Status and Prestation Overview

The Background Trait Status reflects the credibility, reputation, power, and influence one has. It is a measure of all around influence a Kindred has among his peers. It can drop rapidly or very slowly, depending on the situation and is kept track of by harpies.

A harpy is not an official title. It is a term to refer to a gossip monger and one who is up on the latest news pertaining to the Camarilla of the city. Since they are the ones who busy their long nights with this, it is they that are referred to on matters of Status. Older harpies are bored creatures who no longer find enjoyment anything mundane and have nothing left save the on goings of the Kindred. Therefore, it is fitting that they keep tract of who's on top and who isn't.

Think of a harpy like a member of the "in" crowd at a high school. They are looked up to by their peers and at the same time loathed. Anyone with the connections, the clout, and the influence behind them can be a harpy. You just need to be accepted by the group. Perhaps a well-played witticism, a deed that attracts their attention, anything that would perhaps gain their approval could serve as a way across the velvet rope as it were.

Camarilla society would fall apart without harpies - they have value. They set trends and examples for the less experienced. They spread news and rumors and are the vehicle by which Prestation operates. Some would ask, “Why not kill the harpies? They are mean and nasty and not very fair...whaaaa! They lie, cheat, and talk shit...let us be done with it!”

Would you kill one who is connected to powerful Kindred? Would you want to kill the people who keep track of your boons? Would you kill someone who will most certainly point out when someone has not honored a boon to you? In this way harpies are quite useful to even neonates because for all their faults, harpies do insist that the rules of their game are followed by EVERYONE. If a neonate manages to gain a boon on a more senior or important Kindred, you better believe that those harpies whom the neonate despised will suddenly be his best friend. They will make sure that his boon is honored when no one else would.

No matter who you are in Camarilla society Status is important. Some clans can get away with being on the fringe, but they still know its value. This is because vampires are like any other social animal. They primarily live in groups. In settlements called cities. Where there is safety in numbers and to be a social outcast means that you no longer have that safety. Therefore, Status and the harpies are the lifelines for Kindred trying to make it through the night.

Consider this - no one wants to be associated with a loser. Harpies let Kindred know who the losers are. They also let Kindred know who are the winners based on Status ratings. Getting someone of high Status to owe your neonate is a very good thing. It means that your Status will rise. If your character gets in a bind, more people will want to help him out. If he has low Status he will have to really work hard to get other Kindred to care if his unlife was in jeopardy and help.

This means if you are being stalked by a hunter or other evil thing and have no Status, the other Kindred won't offer much assistance on the matter. If you have high Status they stand to gain more for their troubles. Because there are very real threats to vampires other than just themselves, even less social clans see the value in the whole system.

In WoDG, Status works as a measure of one's boons (Prestation), their social standing, influence, power, clout, and reputation among Kindred of the Camarilla. It measures this all across the board, regardless of Clan, Generation, or age.

It rises and falls often. One social faux pas, one careless word, or one boon could be enough to bring a Kindred’s Status down. Especially among neonates who have so little to offer, they will cling to any scrap of credibility and find any possible fault in another in order to rise among their peers.

This is why clans that are less sociable find the whole mechanism so frustrating.

Those who refuse to work within its confines will find unlife rough at best, especially if they have little personal power. They will find eventually, out of necessity, that they must play the game or be an outcast and suffer in the harsh World of Darkness.

There are two main Status Traits for vampires in WoDG. They are as follows: Camarilla Status and Clan Status. The have the adversarial counterparts of Camarilla Notoriety and Clan Notoriety.

How those Traits rise and fall is primarily up to the player as they bid for Status and thwart others by bidding for their Notoriety through the Camarilla Status Forum.

Camarilla Status

Camarilla Status is a reflection of the reputation of the Kindred within the Camarilla as a whole. It’s a measure of one’s boons, reputation, influence, power, clout, and deeds. The Trait reflects what is generally known about your Kindred among other Kindred and what types of comments would one commonly overhear about him from the local harpies.

So what does that mean if we go by the numbers? For every dot in Camarilla Status a character has there is an adjustment made to his social rolls involving Kindred in general. This would include PCs and NPCs.

Too Cool for School

But wahhh! That means that my super cool pretentious Ventrue bastard from hell might have to pay props to some stupid Brujah meathead! Not fair! No way my character would pay props to those god damned uncouth brutes!

Now hold on a minute before you get your hackles all raised and start having kittens.

It’s good form to ALWAYS react to other people’s characters. However, react as your character would. If someone is of higher Status than your character, it’s alright to RP a grudging admiration bordering on jealousy. It’s alright to RP out a rivalry born out of a competition for recognition. It’s alright to be bitter about someone else’s success.

Just recognize the Social Trait and always remember that if it were your character with that Status, you’d want other players to react to it too. Maybe instead of ignoring the Trait, you’ll be inspired to grab some for your character.

Publicly your character has got to play the game or risk losing Status himself. Harpies are the enforcers of the system and they will make sure to deride any and all who refuse to acknowledge the Status of others.

Also since Status is so integral to the Camarilla and a major part of the game, STs will be forced to dock XP of players that refuse to get with the program.

You’re perfectly free to RP a character that has no clue how it all works (e.g. no etiquette rating or a concept that would be one of a socially inept or newly made Kindred) as learning IC is a fun vehicle for character development. However, there’s a difference between that and being a bad sport. STs know the difference. You do too. It’s that simple.

Here are the ranks for the Camarilla Status Trait:

Camarilla Status

  1. Known: Your character is an accepted member of the Camarilla of the city in which he resides. Other Kindred are still making up their minds as to how competent your character is and what type of a potential competitor he might be. So far your character is accepted, but too small-time to notice beyond that. No Difficulty Adjustment to Social Rolls (Default starting Camarilla Status for all PCs).
  2. Respected: Your character wields the credibility equivalent to Kindred who are at least 50 years old and considered ancillas. He is a member of the Camarilla in good standing who has proven to have been worthy of the Blood. Your character is attracting attention from other Kindred. This is both good and bad as other Kindred are just as likely to come to his aid as they are to plot against him. He has a minor boon owed to him by another Kindred of similar standing. +1 Die to Social Rolls.
  3. Influential: Your character wields the credibility equivalent to Kindred who are at least 100 years old and are considered elders – even if they are minor ones. He is a member of the Camarilla in good standing that has proven to be a point of pride for his Sire. However, your character has also has captured the attention of a number of rivals and some of them are dangerous. While Kindred are eager to help him for the measure of Status they would get just from being asked to help, they are also actively plotting to arrange his fall from grace. He has a few boons owed to him from other Kindred of equal standing and perhaps even a boon owed to him by an elder. +2 Dice to Social Rolls.
  4. Powerful: Your character wields the credibility equivalent to Kindred who are not only considered elders they are among the most important elders in the city – the Primogen. Your character is at the top of his game amongst other Kindred and he is an influential political player within Elysium. He is established enough to have several dangerous rivals and he even counts his allies among them – but it doesn’t matter. He is no wet behind the ears, neonate. He will crush them all with his cunning and might. He has several boons owed to him that he can call in at any time if necessary. Some of them owed to him by the elders of the city. +3 Dice to Social Rolls.
  5. Luminary: Your character wields the influence equivalent to a Prince. He is truly a threat to the established order of the City. While he enjoys his position as one of the most influential Kindred in Elysium, he understands that there are many who are actively working against him. Most whisper his name in fear and loathing others whisper it in begrudging admiration for he has risen far for one so young. It can’t last though and the constant stress is taxing – it’s lonely and dangerous at the top. The fall is so much more treacherous. He better make the most of his good fortune before it all comes crumbling down. It’s infuriating to many Kindred how many boons your character holds over Kindred of a wide range of Statuses. Many of the boons are owed by the very Kindred who wish to see your character fall. They are all out to get him! +4 Dice to Social Rolls.

Note that all social roll adjustments are among Camarilla Kindred only. They apply to all Social Feats. This does not include social dice pools used for powering Disciplines.

Clan Status

Clan Status (also known in the texts as Clan Prestige) is a reflection of the reputation of the Kindred within his specific Clan. It’s a measure of one’s deeds and renown based on the cultural and social values of the specific Clan. What is acceptable and valued in one Clan after all might be totally unacceptable in another. However, most common sense values are shared across all Clans and are worth a brief word or two here. Things like keeping sensitive Clan secrets from outsiders, loyalty among Clan-mates against outsiders, representing your Clan well to outsiders, etc. those are pretty universal.

We won’t go over or supply a values statement for each Clan. Those can be found in the respective Clan Books and write ups in the Guide to the Camarilla (pp. 35-48). To do so would just be beyond our scope and it’s your responsibility to understand the Clan you have chosen for your character.

For every dot in Clan Status a Kindred has there is an adjustment made to his social rolls involving other Kindred of his Clan. This would include PCs and NPCs.

However, we will supply a general description for each rank of the Clan Status Trait:

Clan Status Ratings

  1. Known: Your character is a known member of his clan. He still is wet behind the ears, but he’s got potential and has so far shown that he may not be a waste of the Blood. He is accepted, but is too green to have much influence in Clan matters. He’s attended his first couple Clan meetings where he was allowed to sit at the grown-up table and that was pretty cool. No bonus (Default starting Clan Status for all PCs).
  2. Credible: Your character is a member of his Clan that is in good standing. He has managed to prove that his Sire was in his right mind when he Embraced your character. He is even getting some begrudging recognition for his efforts to keep his nose clean. Your character might have also made a minor contribution to his local Clan by bringing the Clan a juicy secret, by providing needed back-up to a clanmate, bringing down an enemy to the Clan, etc. He’s been sitting at the grown-up table for a little while now and is starting to get the hang of how things work so much so that he can speak and get a few people to listen up to what he’s got to say. +1 Die to Social Rolls.
  3. Respected: Your character is a member of his Clan in excellent standing. He has even become somewhat of a point of pride to his Sire. His efforts to keep his nose clean and support the Clan have gained him a measure of respect as he’s now entrusted with meaningful tasks. If he’s shrewd and Machiavellian enough, he can leverage the access granted him in doing those tasks for his Clan to his personal advantage. He has his rivals within his Clan that plot against him and he’s definitely a fixture at the grown-up table by now. In fact he’s one of the grown-ups who the younger clanmates look to for guidance so he’s got to set an example. When he has something to say, people do take note and give him his share of time at the podium. +2 Dice to Social Rolls.
  4. Admired: Your character is a leading member of his Clan. His Sire might even be a bit envious. Other clanmates want what he has and plot against him actively and in secret, though they give him respect and a wide berth. He’s relied on enough by his Clan that he may be asked to represent them as an envoy to other clans or even in Elysium. They know that he embodies the Clan ideal. He is one of the heads of the grown-up table and often helps Clan elders lead the conversations and meetings. When he has something to say, people rearrange the speaking times to accommodate his schedule to make sure that he is heard. +3 Dice to Social Rolls.
  5. Revered: Your character is a leader of his Clan. His Sire is either extremely envious or full of pride. He also may be a bit relieved as he now has the freedom of withdrawing into Torpor, knowing that family matters are left in such capable hands. Other clanmates fear him and while they plot against him, they likely will not make a move unless it means that your character will not survive to exact vengeance. He has come to the aid of his Clan on countless occasions and is either one of the major social players in it or one of the most ardent defenders or most feared muscle. He is at the head of the grown-up table and he leads conversations and sets agendas for meetings. When he has something to say, meetings are called and everyone who can shows up to hear what he has to say. +4 Dice to Social Rolls.

Note that all social roll adjustments are among Kindred of your character's clan only. They apply to all Social Feats. This does not include social dice pools used for Discipline use. This adjustment is not cumulative with status. You can use one adjustment or the other, not both.

Using Clan Status Bonus Dice

Bonus Social dice apply for both the purposes of making Social Rolls and resisting them.

Learning is Hard by vrass.jpg


Notoriety is essentially the antithesis of Status. It is a reflection of how poorly your character is viewed in the Camarilla. This may or may not be entirely his fault. However, at higher levels, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion by most that your character has had ample time to redeem himself and has been so bad at the Status game that he remains on the shit-list.

It is quite possible to have a good reputation for certain deeds while also having a bad reputation for others. Therefore, characters can have a measure of Status as well as a measure of Notoriety.

Characters who have Notoriety, get a Social Roll adjustment just as those with Status do. If the character has both, then his Notoriety adjustment will cancel out the appropriate amount of Status adjustment. Whatever is left over is the final adjustment for the Social Roll in question.

Just as there is Camarilla Notoriety, there is Clan Notoriety. However, the description of the ranks below can just as easily work for Clan Notoriety ranks as it does for Camarilla Notoriety as a whole. Note that any Social Roll adjustments apply to social situations dealing with your character’s clanmates.

  1. Idiot: Your character is known as sort of an idiot and uncouth. He’s likely broken a lesser Tradition against an unimportant Kindred. He might have mouthed off to a more respected Kindred like a brat without any wit or finesse – among harpies you get points for style after all. He might have exaggerated his own worth a bit. He might have had a breech in etiquette and pissed off a petty Toreador. His Sire might have been a notorious Kindred of some sort. +1 Difficulty to Social Rolls.
  2. Asshole: Your character is known as kind of an asshole and not in a good way. He’s broken minor Tradition on several occasions or at least thinly skated around the interpretation of the Traditions. That normally wouldn’t be a problem as Kindred are the first to applaud (in secret) efforts to get creative with the rules. However, your character thinks nothing of spurning others and spews off vulgarities and insults like an impertinent teenager. His attempts at witticisms in his arguments fall flat and never win him admirers among the harpies and they are the ones who really matter. He may also have been informally publicly disciplined for his minor violations against the Traditions. +2 Difficulty to Social Rolls.
  3. Persona Non Grata: Your character has been known to be such a tool that other Kindred avoid him. They simply don’t want to be seen with him. The effects of ostracism are just starting to sink in as he realizes that few Kindred would bother to help him if he were faced with a life or death situation. He’s broken at least one major Tradition and has become an embarrassment to his Sire who is likely the only thing standing between him and Destruction. He has been formally and publicly disciplined for violating the Traditions and is considered a probationary sect member of the Camarilla. +3 Difficulty to Social Rolls.
  4. Waste of Blood: Your character’s contempt for all proper etiquette in Camarilla society is well-known. Other Kindred do not avoid him anymore, they flat out don’t like him and are looking to bring him down one way or another. There are those who say that if he is not going to put his Blood to good use, then someone else should be given the opportunity – hinting at Diablerie. The weight of ostracism has been on him long enough to leave him frayed around the edges and a bit paranoid with good reason given the whispers about him. In any case his actions have caused danger to the Kindred as a whole and it’s time he faced consequences. +4 Difficulty to Social Rolls.
  5. Blood Hunted: Your character is considered an enemy of the Camarilla and a completely wasted blood sack. He is Blood Hunted in at least one city and every Kindred who knows of it, is just eager to turn him in for the free opportunity to commit Diablerie. In the cities where he is hunted, it is a crime to even deal with him. In cities where he is not technically hunted, he likely soon will be. Some might even whisper that he is an agent of the Sabbat or worse. He is so hated that it’s difficult to find a Kindred who does not wish for his Destruction. +5 Difficulty to Social Rolls.

Gaining Status

Ok. So How Does One Gain Status?
In WoDG we calculate Status on a quarterly basis. Each player begins with Camarilla Status 1 and Clan Status 1 after they have made their introductions to the appropriate NPCs. How Status gets calculated from there involves a Play By Forum vehicle.

Next, in the forums, each player will find the Camarilla Status Forum. Within that forum they will find a sub-forum labeled with the following format: Camarilla Status Q(the number of the quarter) (current year) Forum. Within that forum each player will have a thread labeled in the following manner: Character Name Cam Status Q(the number of the quarter) (current year) (current Status).

Example: Camarilla Status/Camarilla Status Q2 2011/Nessie Nelson Cam Status Q2 2011 S: 1.25

Your character’s Camarilla Status Thread is an IC forum where you post your character’s exploits. You can post as your character or as other general neonate NPCs whispering rumors of your character’s exploits. How well you spin the exploits and how well the rumors take hold and travel, determines your Status bump for that quarter.

Note: Camarilla Status Threads are to be taken as general IC knowledge as they represent part of the general harpy grapevine. Anyone may use the information contained therein as their own character’s knowledge about the players within NYC’s Camarilla. So if there is some covert activity your character is involved in, he may not want to brag about it or have it leaked to harpies who would pass it around Camarilla Society. Keep information you want to keep secret out of Status Threads.

There’s just a tiny little itty bitty catch…

Your fellow players and even NPCs run by the STs (especially harpies) can weigh in on your character’s thread ICly. They can support your character’s claims and contribute to the Camarilla Status bump, they can make a neutral comment, or they can be not so nice…

Gaining Notoriety

In your character’s Camarilla Status Thread, players and ST ran NPCs may respond IC in opposition to your character’s Status claims. In the case of players, they can do this by posting as their characters directly, or they can NPC a nameless throng of supporting NPCs who have been influenced by their character’s counter argument, or they can formulate a post and send it to the STs in a private message on the forums and the STs will post it for them.

This way they can be sure that no one knows the source of the opposition. However you sneaky players should know that there’s always a chance that someone might eventually trace the opposing position back to your character. When sending a post via private message to the STs, make sure that it’s in the EXACT format you want. STs will not be your editor. They will simply copy and paste what you wrote to the thread.

Harping About Harpies
Harpies are counted among the city elders. They should be run by STs as the NPC peanut gallery in Camarilla Status Threads. In your Threads avoid from using harpies in your posts.

NPCs may act in much the same way that players may act. Some NPCs have reasons to mess with your character while others have reasons to support him. Some NPCs might have been influenced by other players. Some are just harpies and get off being catty and petty because they can be. One never knows with all the intrigue in WoDG.

The veracity and style in which these counter-claims are made, will determine their effect upon the bump in Notoriety.

However, not all is sunshine and roses in the den of vipers…

Fighting Back

Hey! Someone Dissed My Character! I Want to Fight Back!

Your character is never defenseless. He is free to call his allies to defend him. He is free to respond to allegations and refute them as he struggles to keep his reputation intact. He can even make counter-claims or expose someone who is speaking falsely and may need formal censure. He can do this in a few ways…

  1. He can boldly post a direct response back IC, denouncing his denouncers in his own Camarilla Status Thread. This is relatively straightforward.
  2. He can boldly go to his denouncer’s Camarilla Status Thread and post directly to it, denouncing him.
  3. He can boldly go to his denouncer’s Camarilla Status Thread and NPC nameless assorted side NPCs under his own log-in and post their IC reactions.
  4. He can do a counter-sneak (heh) and post back through NPCs via ST private message to his denouncers own thread, maligning him for making groundless accusations, etc. after he’s discovered his identity.
  5. He can meet with and try to influence NPCs in the setting and get them to act against the denouncer.
  6. As you might have guessed, how well your character fights back is factored into the Status bump at the end of the quarter. If all your efforts and the efforts of even your detractors had led to RP fun for all and even some cool SLs, there will be cookies. Cookies for everyone!

Status Bumps

How Do the Bumps Work?
The way that Status or Notoriety Bumps work is pretty simple. Points are divided into quarters. So characters start at 1.0 Status and 0 Notoriety. Then the levels rise like this: 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, etc.

At the end of the Quarter, STs review threads and do a little vote thing behind the scenes and award the Bumps. Standard bumps are no more than .25 points a Quarter. Truly spectacular achievements or falls from grace (in the case of Notoriety) will garner more, but it is not common.
Characters don’t get the added benefits or penalties until achieving the next rank up.

Status and Notoriety are recorded separately. You can “buy off” Notoriety with your Status points. Doing so will erase Notoriety, but it will also lower your Status which you will have to work to build up again. Note that you may not rise in Status if you have Notoriety. You will need to use any Status gained that quarter to "buy off" your Notoriety before you can begin gaining Status again.

We do it this way to more accurately represent how characters spend their political capital and clout to redeem themselves or make embarrassing situations disappear at the expense of their overall reputation. It mimics real life more closely as people fall from grace and when the public has time to forget about them, they can make a comeback.

Yes we said cookies earlier. In addition to the shifts in Status and Notoriety, every player who participates in the Status threads is able to claim Venue Status as one of their Bonus EXP categories for the month.. It doesn’t matter if you were successful or unsuccessful in your IC claims you still get a lovely parting gift just for playing! Wonderfully dastardly detractors or eloquent supporters might gain additional rewards. We will be especially keen to help out good antagonists because we know full well that it’s hard being an evil mastermind on a chat.

Clan Status Bumps

So What About Clan Status Bumps?

Clan Status and Clan Notoriety Bumps work exactly like Camarilla Status and Camarilla Notoriety Bumps work. The only difference is that there is a separate Status Thread associated with them.

They can be found using the same naming convention: Vampire Forums/Clan/Clan Status (Quarter) (Year)/Character Name Clan Status (Quarter)(Year) CS:(Clan Status Rating)

Example: Vampire Forums/Ventrue/Ventrue Status Q2 2011/ Vinnie the Ventrue Clan Status Q2 2011 CS: 1.25

What about cookies? Well yes! There are cookies for keeping things going on the Clan side. We want to make sure that there’s interaction going on at the Clan level. It’s important after all to have the “family” dynamic well represented. Some Clans are more rife with rivalries and hostilities than others. We don’t expect a group of Gangrel to have the same level of intense scheming as found within the Ventrue or Toreador. So we won’t be especially expecting to see friction on a regular basis in some Clans. We’ll be happy with seeing clanmates forming bonds and encouraging one other just as well. Clan Status activity qualifies for the Venue Status Bonus EXP category for the month. So go on and have fun interacting on a Clan level.

Putting It All Together

Let's look at how this should all work:

Tommy Tremere goes into his Camarilla Thread and posts… *Rumors circulate around the halls of the Elysium* Did you know that Tommy Tremere helped Greg the Gangrel solve the mystery of poacher in the Gangrel Domain?

Really? That Tommy was always a clever Kindred.

Yes! And now I hear that the culprit has been apprehended and is to be taken before the court!

No! *gasps in delight* That’s sure to be an interesting night.

Vinnie the Ventrue posts… *An unimpressed voice echoes from behind a pillar.* It’s just as well. Tommy was indebted to the Gangrel for saving his pathetic hide from a beating by Barry the Brujah.

Tommy was only fulfilling an obligation. He should thank the Gangrel for his less than shrewd bargaining skill. The Tremere got away lightly.

Tommy Tremere posts… *Scowls at Vinnie and hisses vehemently* Who said that?! I dare him to come forth. No Tremere bow before Rabble!
ST NPC Harriet the Harpy posts... *sings with a veiled sweet viciousness* I do believe the Ventrue is in error. But that is what happens when experts in finance dabble in the complex matters of manners and social graces. Is it not?

The Tremere owed no debt to the beastly Outlander.

STs at the end of the quarter adjust the sheets of both Tommy and Vinnie and lock the thread.

Tommy the Tremere + .25 Camarilla Status .0 Camarilla Notoriety
Vinnie the Ventrue +.0 Camarilla Status .0 Camarilla Notoriety

Both players claim Venue Status as one of their Bonus EXP categories for the month.

Too Much Work?

This Is All Too Much Work. My Character Is Not Political
No problem. Then don’t put any claims into your character’s Status Threads. Usually apolitical types can get away with not participating. However, be warned that just because your character opts out, doesn’t mean that the Camarilla might not pull him in. NPCs and other players are free to use your character’s Status Thread to post rumors about him be they positive or negative. It’s up to you if you want to respond.

Wod by sambriggs.jpg

Breaking Character

WTF, Dude! Why Are You Hating On My Character?
You know, players are notorious for breaking character when they don’t know how to or don’t want to deal with another character antagonizing theirs IC. Someone will have an antagonistic character and the player who was subject of the antagonism will break character to go on a pm tirade until the antagonist is bullied or nagged to death OOC to back off his character.

Players get butt-hurt when it comes to the IC popularity contests and typically they will get in OOC gangs based on their social cliques to harass players whose characters rock the boat. So let us say this right from the beginning…

The whole point of this feature is to provide the mechanism to ROCK THE BOAT IC! Hello?! Rocking the boat provides dramatic tension which can then be used to craft some meaty SLs! So…

Breaking character to go off on players OOC for providing that dramatic tension is grounds for disciplinary action by the STs. It’s a root of stasis and we won’t have it here. Period.



Boons can raise status for vampires. Boons held over many vampires or held over important figures in the city can have an impact on status. However, boons are a very delicate balancing act. A vampire that never asks for favors may look like someone who thinks that they are above it all and will suffer in status for being stingy. Likewise, Kindred who ask for too many favors may be seen as useless or unable to take care of themselves and suffer a decline in status as well. There is an art to balancing one's social debts. Below are the level of boons: 

  • Trivial - a favor that was of no inconvenience to bequeath.
  • Minor - a favor that was of a minor inconvenience to bequeath. It might have included the minor expenditure of a character's assets. Tapping contacts, allies, perhaps making an introduction, guaranteeing safe passage through a domain, etc. Debtors are expected to pay up when the debt is called due.
  • Major - a favor that was of a major inconvenience to bequeath. It might have included having to expend a significant amount of one's assets, required a significant time investment, or involved some personal risk. Debtors are expected to honor the debt and support the political actions of the creditor. Political actions that go against one's own clan or the teaching of hidden lore will cancel this debt.
  • Blood - a favor that required great personal risk, the shedding of blood, This debt is one that may never be repaid. While it is owed, the debtor may not without major loss of status, speak against the creditor, the debtor must support the political agenda of the creditor, teach him when he asks. The only way to cancel this debt is for the debtor to risk his own unlife on behalf of the creditor. This can include sharing clan secrets or secret Disciplines like Thaumaturgy.
  • Life - A life boon may only be claimed if the creditor truly laid his very unlife on the line. The creditor may demand anything. The debtor only repays the debt by saving the unlife of the creditor. Until then, the debt will hang around the neck of the debtor like an albatross.

Prestation, Harpy Reports, and Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?!

Prestation is essentially the elaborate accounting of favors or boons owed among various Kindred. As you all may have noticed by now, we have this obsession with maintaining a "realistic" setting of a vampiric society. So REMEMBER THAT VAMPIRES AREN'T NICE AND THEY DON'T DO FAVORS OUT OF THE KINDNESS OF THEIR LITTLE SHRIVELED UP HEARTS (no matter how lovey dovey and icky sweet you see your PC). So given that, any little favor or deed done is a potential boon that requires that the vampire owing be nice to your character’s face. If you think of real life, when someone does you a favor (better paying job, hooks you up with a new customer or contact which provides a sale, gets you those tickets to the hottest concert in town, etc.), you usually feel the need to reciprocate. Well, with vampires this feeling of needing to payback is magnified more than tenfold. Vampires see the world as a cold world of scarcity, not a world of abundance as with mortals. They see resources as scarce and finite, whereas mortals tend to see the world as a rich bounty ripe for harvest. After all, no one dies regularly, so when a child is created, there is no family inheritance to pass on. Everything from the Kindred perspective is already spoken for. Prestation is a vehicle for them to get more. Therefore, they keep track of their boons meticulously. No one wants to owe more socially than they are owed. It’s a game of social hot-potato and everyone is in on it.

With all that in mind we will explain what it is that we are going to do with this Status stuff as a venue. Once a quarter we will maintain a Harpy Report. It will basically show you all who is where on the vampire totem pole at a glance. It is the Prestation Score Board for lack of a better description. This will enable you to see who is below your character and who is above it, facilitating the RP of such. Remember that Prestation and Status cut through many lines. You are expected to act the role of the owed and the owee to the vampires you are indebted to or are indebted to you (after all you want to always RP the good and the bad. Don't make a reputation for yourself as a poor sport or a cheesy RPer. So you don't need a chart for that. However, as vampires do love to gossip, you would know the approximate status of the others around you. That is what this report should be used for, an OOC resource to guide you in your character’s view on the standings of others as well as his own. In it will be rumors and gossip of who owes whom, who is hot and who is not, etc.

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