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World of Darkness: Gotham Creator, Project Lead

Availability and Contact Methodologies:

I always take Sundays off, but IRL has been demanding of late and so I don't log to do tickets as often as I would like. My response time is usually within 4 or 5 days for sanctioning tickets. I prioritize new players to the community and their sanctioning submissions over those of players to the community with characters already sanctioned.

I prefer threads on forums to contact tickets as I think the community benefits from an open discourse. Most people have similar questions and such so everyone benefits from a forum thread where all can participate or find in a search query. I accept fpms for non-game related issues or wiki technical issues only.

Ultimately though, you can reach me via contact ticket or through a poke anytime.

Technical Support: 

See our Help page first.

If it's not wiki related, ping Schadenfreude in a bug ticket on the Character Dossier.

If you have an issue with the wiki or have blown something up on the wiki, you can definitely contact me. This does not include helping you edit your own pages. I am definitely not signing up to be a wiki markup tutor. You can see our help page for some links to get you going on wiki markup, go to you tube and search for some wiki tutorials, or go to the Tips and Tricks Technical Forum and start a thread looking for help from the community.

If the wiki is having errors, you can contact me by fpming me by my forum profile.

Unpleasant Stuff: 

For unpleasant stuff like day to day etiquette, policy, and rules violations, please see your venue ST team where appropriate and respect the chain of command. See: Organization and the Team

I rather reserve my involvement on severe issues or on issues where for whatever reason the normal way of handling infractions doesn't seem to fit.

Events and Things:

I prefer to reserve any events for active players. If you sign up for an event and flake, I will not accept you in any other events I hold. Flaking means not showing up without notice. In this day and age, people can connect on the go and send quick notifications. I do not accept the dog ate my internet as an excuse for noshows.

I will run NPCs as the inspiration hits me.

Graphic Content Rating and ST Style: 

AO. Some scenes may require extra bits of gore, crudeness, violence, and/or sexual and erotic content. I run NPCs according to their character concepts and that means not holding them back and toning them down because of OOC sensitivities. The same goes for storylines where I also take a no holds barred approach to theme and mood.
To STs /Prospective STs:

If you're interested in STing in WoDG, please see: ST Application Process and fill out our ST Application.


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