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World of Darkness: Programming Lead and Lead Administrator

Availability and Contact Methodologies:
Schadenfreude is the man behind the curtain that we aren't supposed to pay any attention to.
Technical Support: 

See our Help page first.

If it's not wiki related, ping Schadenfreude in the ticket system by creating a bug ticket.

If you have an issue with the wiki or have blown something up on the wiki, please contact Thing 1 via forum pm. Schadenfreude hates the wiki and will not touch it for all the tea in China.

ST Stuff: 

Don't seek Schedenfreude out for ST stuff, you have the wrong department. See: Organization and the Team

Ideas and Suggestions:

Schadenfreude loves to hear about ideas you have for future implementations or how to make current implementations more effective. However, he hates fpm clutter and rather reserve that for urgent bug reporting.

Please use the Ideas Forum to share your thoughts on his tools.


Schadenfreude is always looking for testers for his latest toys, please send him a fpm if you are interested in helping him out.

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