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World of Darkness: Gotham WtA HST

Availability and Contact Methodologies:

I'm pretty busy getting the WtA Venue ready for you guys, but I can usually be found logged into the chat. Please feel free to PM me, because I'm normally not paying attention to the main lobby screen.

The forums are also a good resource. You can either start a thread and tag it with my name or you can just FPM me if its not a question that others might benefitting from seeing the answer to.

You can contact me by fpming me by my forum profile.

Technical Support: 

See our Help page first.

If it's not wiki related, ping Schadenfreude on the forums. (Once the ticket system is in place, you'll be using that instead of the forum).

If you have an issue with the wiki or have spilled toxic waste on a wiki page, you can contact me, but be aware I am not an expert in Wiki markup. This does not include helping you edit your own pages. You can see our help page for some links to get you going on wiki markup, go to you tube and search for some wiki tutorials, or go to the Tips and Tricks Technical Forum and start a thread looking for help from the community.

To My Werewolf Players:

You should always feel free to get in touch with me for any reason. That includes everything from just chatting, to questions about the game, sheet issues, or even complaints about other players or STs. 

I am currently trying to fill out my team, so if you think you have what it takes to be an ST on WoD Gotham, then please drop me a line through the forums and get your application ready. Ideally, I'd like to have three of you under me helping to run packs and whatnot.

As I fill out my team, the other Werewolf STs will be listed and linked here.

Graphic Content Rating and ST Style: 

I run the gamut as far as scenes go. I don't mind going all the way up to AO if I have to. My scenes will probably have profanity, blood and guts, nasty situations, but likely will fade to black for any sexual or erotic content. I will not hold back on you if you get into a scene with a known nasty NPC. Please use your head. If you are a young Glass Walker and you put yourself in a situation with a country bumpkin Red Talon who is known to get his kicks by raping Urrah, you need to be aware of the possibilities there. The same goes for storylines where I also take a no holds barred approach to theme and mood.
To STs /Prospective STs:

If you're interested in STing in WoDG, please see: ST Application Process and fill out our ST Application.


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