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World Of Darkness: Gotham -- Vampire the Masquerade ST


Usually I'm available Thursday, Friday and Saturday most of the time as well as some bits of Sundays. Being based in Europe, please adjust for your relevant time-zones accordingly if you're trying to get ahold of me.

I'll try to hang around the chat during those times, but please send me a contact ticket if it's a message of some importance that shouldn't be missed. If there are coteries who'd like to form chunks during those time-frames, please let me know, and we'll get something worked out :).

"I have issues with ..."-related stuff:

If it's related to ...

Yourself (Character-stuff, wanting to clarify something, etc.) -- feel free to contact me. I do usually try to help folks out with clarifications.

Myself i.e.: "My ST is being unfair to me" and assorted things) -- depending on your level of comfort, feel free to address this directly with me. Or feel free to contact Thing1 if you'd prefer not to handle things directly. Do make sure that you've got some sort of reference materials to point to, as a generic "I feel wronged somehow" isn't helpful towards resolving this sort of situation. Ideally something like a chat-snapshot or response-snippet that's relevant for your sentiment would be a great help. If there's an actual example of "this made me uncomfortable" it's a great help.

Other Players (out of character) -- please follow the process & chain of command for such issues and get in touch with the relevant ST as per the link below.

You can find a list of ST's here -- Organisation & The Team

ST Style & Content ratings:

I usually go for adult-level ratings. If there's going to be a segment that may cause some mental distress, I usually will give a clear warning at the start of the relevant session and then shortly before the actual scene. If folks are uncomfortable, we'll deal with that on an individual basis.

Since everyone's got a different understanding of "how far one has to go" before reaching mature material, so if you're getting uncomfortable at any moment, please speak out and don't suffer in silence. Clairvoyance is regrettably not something I possess just yet :).

In other news...

I'm completely open to bribes. Standard charge is 15 units of girly giggles for each standard unit of 5-second-evilness. It's very reasonable, I swear :P

Last updated: January 11th 2012

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