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Social Consequences of Living in the Concrete Jungle: Things Every Garou Should Know

As one knows, urban Garou are treated with a bit of disdain and suspicion by other tribes for their affinity with the Weaver and their preference to urban centers over countryside and rural areas where Gaia, in their humble opinion, shines brightest. Indeed, Bone Gnawers have always been looked down upon. Rural Garou who choose to reside in urban centers are treated with much the same disdain. Rural Garou living in an urban area without special circumstances: such as fulfilling a specific need within an urban Sept, lending aid to an urban Sept to meet a specific objective within a defined time frame, seeking a mentor out, fulfilling a quest, etc., begin to suffer the same social penalties as urban Garou. Likewise, the urban Garou they encounter treat them with disdain and suspicion as rurals are in their territory when traditionally their tribes have been disdainful of them. It's important to understand that urban Garou look upon rural Garou as quaint and primitive, a dying race of inadaptable simple creatures that hump trees and cause problems whenever they enter a city by drawing attention to themselves. Similarly rural look at urban Garou as having lost their path to Gaia. They are weak, Weaverfied and corrupted by human comforts. With all this in mind, here are some social modifiers for Garou within the urban setting of WoDG:

  • Rural Garou Dwelling in a City with reason +1 difficulty among other Rural tribes.
  • Rural Garou Dwelling in a City without reason +2 difficulty among other Rural tribes.
  • Rural Garou Dealing with Urban Garou +1 difficulty for each upon the other.

Note: These modifiers apply to characters that have not become familiar with one another and developed a basis for interaction. They are guidelines. For Bone Gnawers, their Tribal Flaw applies in addition to this modification. For rurals who choose permanent residence in a city and actually become permanent members of a sept...well let's just say their tribe won't be all too pleased without special circumstances indeed.

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