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Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books
Section: Lower Manhattan
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village
Address: 34 Carmine St
Owner/Operator: Drougas Books
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In the heart of the bohemian neighborhood of Greenwich Village lies a quirky little used bookstore that is typical of the neighborhood. The Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Bookstore is an independent used bookstore that caters to a wide assortment of eclectic tastes and serves as a respite for aspiring writers, students, poets, philosophers, and romantic souls from all sorts of backgrounds.

Immediately upon entering the store, one is struck with the sheer volume of offbeat books and novelty items cramping the entire space. As customers walk through the space, they are struck with the sense of stacks of books encasing them in small literary cubby holes as stacks and shelves are arranged in a maze filled with little alcoves. Unexpected surprises are found in the nooks and crannies of the store. There are a couple of antique typewriters surrounded by mountains of books and a stack of paper with a chair before them. One is hidden in a little antique booth and pictured below. The typewriters were used by famous New York authors.

The front space is divided by a counter that is easily mistaken for another heap of books on a table. There are two ways to proceed one is up a little step labeled "Live for Humanity" and the other is under a small arch between shelves marked "Blue Oyster Tea Room". The tea room is amid a cluster of stacks and consists of a small pastry counter and precisely three small tables. Somehow a few armchairs managed to be tucked in around the tables, though they are too surrounded by books whose stacks are interrupted by a few plush red theater chairs.

Continuing through "Live for Humanity" is a maze of stacks and shelves and a very very narrow staircase. There are three floors in total to the space and all are cramped as well. Downstairs is a basement with a low ceiling in which a few cots and a piano were shoved in among the books. Upstairs is another cramped floor with a couple of small sofas and armchairs arranged in such a way to allow for readings, salons, writing workshops, and other events to take place.

Scattered throughout the space are bits of art, random signs with inspirational or philosophical quotes left by visitors and stuck among the stacks and shelves. Community bulletin boards are also common fixtures.

In the warmer and drier months, the bookstore will toss out a few outdoor tables and chairs to accommodate customers. There is usually a bargain table to entice customers inside as well.

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