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Trends: For Characters in the Know

New York City is filled with sub-cultures, industries, groups, and spheres of influence. Trends is a part of the World of Darkness: Gotham Forums where players can have a chance to have an impact in these different spheres.

Each sphere has a different forum in Trends. Those who have Influence in the sphere or whose character concept falls within it will be given access to it.

With that access, players can get insider information posted by STs and other players. They can post their own information or disinformation. They can have a chance to make an impact on the Chronicle as a whole as whatever is posted there becomes woven into the setting.

For instance, the forum for street concepts like hustlers, bums, petty crooks, prostitutes, drug dealers, etc. is called “Word on the Streets”. Player characters with street cred or Influence in Streets would have access to that forum. So would any character that is part of that segment of society. There they could post rumors and information they have discovered in game or get information from STs as we will be using the Trends as ST props for the furthering of storylines.

Example: Some of the homeless have been in a bit of a stir as another of their number has gone missing around 42nd and 3rd . That’s the third one in a month to have disappeared without a trace. It’s not like Mo to go anywhere without Little George. He didn’t show up at the soup kitchen on Tuesday for lunch and then nobody saw him on Wednesday morning either for plasma day at the donation clinic. Something is up.

Underworld is a Trends forum for organized crime, there is a folder for the Art, Entertainment, Medicine, Local Politics, Legal, Financial, Creative Computing, etc.

Player characters can access as many Trends forums as their character concept and character sheet supports. It's expected as the character becomes more seasoned and involved in the game that he will collect access to variety of Trends forums. These in the know characters can become an invaluable resource to other player characters. Think of the reporter who relies on a network of sources to hunt down leads on potential stories and scoops. Think of that actress that needs to keep on top of the world of fashion to keep her image fresh and current. These are all examples of how players can leverage their access to Trends forums to their advantage.

We try to keep the Trends forums relatively broad, but if you believe one is missing that you think is appropriate give the Thing 1 a little holler and we’ll see what we can do. We fully expect to be making a bunch of these forums as the game begins and then taper off as everyone settles in.

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