Times Square

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Times Square
Section: Midtown
Neighborhood: Theater District
Address: W39-52 and 7th-9th
Owner/Operator: Public Space
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If Midtown is the life blood of Gotham, Times Square is the heart. Even during the late night hours it pulses with life as huge neon signs and LED displays flicker down on the crowded streets and sidewalks below drenching the area in an electrifying glow. Cars dart along where 7th Ave and Broadway horns blaring at each other, their drivers lean on their horns. Speakers set above the flashing neon ads for the sleekest and latest personal electronic gizmo anchored on the sides of the hodgepodge of new and old buildings blast out techno tunes to the delight of many wide eyes tourists while they peruse the street and dart in and out of the cheap gift shops holding aloft the Holy Grail of all souvenirs...3 T-shirts for $6.99!

Among this maddening cacophony are retailers such as Hard Rock Cafe, Disney Store, Forever 21, and Planet Hollywood. Drowned out by these dominating electronic barkers are the remnants of old Times Square like Lindy's Deli, an after theater favorite and celebrity haunt since the Golden Age of Film.

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