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This is the main map for the whole Chronicle. We have left it accessible to players because we think it's a pretty cool tool to detail out any of your player-owned locations or favorite hangouts of your PCs. You can use it to peg your location on the map and then have it link to your location description page on the Players' Portal. Neat!

Don't edit if you don't know how! If you make a boo boo we can recover prior versions but it's still a pain in the ass to deal with. Never ever copy over the whole map, only add your coordinates and map pin information at the bottom of the existing googlemap.

So the only thing you should add to the bottom of the googlemap should look something like this:

40.705595, -74.002631
'''Chat Room:''' [[South Street Seaport]] - The old historic port of NYC.
'''Section:''' [[Lower Manhattan]] 

and it should not include all of this:

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="40.768582" lon="-73.966827" zoom="11" width="600" height="600" controls="large">
whatever map pin data you generate

Play in the Sandbox with the little map icon in the normal wiki toolbar until you understand how to work this thing. For more information on usage see: Help and Extension: Google Maps

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