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Below are the descriptions of the Special Maneuvers used in World of Darkness: Gotham. They are a house blend of the different venues' systems to encompass them all in one common rules source.


Special Maneuvers Explanations

Packs and Swarms

There are moments where the rules for packs or swarms are applicable. These are attacks en masse, as they call it. It’s when a large swarm of individual creatures have engulfed a target and have set upon it. In WoDG, swarm rules will apply for mobs of humanoids and packs of large animals (such as wolves) numbering 10 or more individuals.

In running combat with swarm rules, STs do not determine what every member of the swarm or pack does, instead they simply roll using the statistics in the chart below.

Each beast type has a listing. Damage, Health Levels and Initiative.

Initiative - Initiative is the base bonus the pack or swarm gets when rolling initiative.

Damage - Damage is the dice pool of damage inflicted every turn as long as the swarm is still upon its target. There is no Attack roll as the swarm is considered to be engulfing its target. This damage can be Dodged or Soaked, depending on the conditions and the decision of the ST. Swarm damage is considered lethal. However, in some cases, if the swarm consists of really small creatures, then the damage can be considered bashing. If a character is successful on a Dodge roll, then he can move normally for the remainder of the turn. Failing this roll will slow down a character to half his movement rate.

If a character takes more than 3 Health Levels worth of damage in one turn, or if he botches a Dodge or Athletics roll (If a character elects not to Dodge, but would still like to remain standing within the swarm he may roll Dexterity + Athletics), then the character is knocked down and overrun. While overrun, characters can only move a yard or two per turn and the swarm’s damage difficulty falls to 5. The Difficulty to try and get back up and continue moving is at +1 for smaller creatures and +2 for larger ones (as in a stampede or riot).

Health Levels - The Health Levels in the chart reflect the amount of damage it takes to disperse a pack or swarm over an extended period of time. If your character does two more damage than the listed, the swarm or pack is destroyed or disbursed outright. Pistols, rifles, small melee weapons (knives, brass knuckles, bottles, claws, bare hands) inflict a single Health Level per strike, no matter how many attack or damage successes are rolled (that is, the strike hits only one creature). Weapons that have the capability of affecting multiple opponents at once such as Shotguns, SMGs and large melee weapons (swords, staves, boards, chainsaws) do normal damage. That is that damage is rolled normally and each success rolled eliminates one Health Level from the swarm as a whole. This rule also applies to large area attacks such as grenade weapons, explosions, area effect supernatural powers (storms, gusts of wind, etc), etc. Swarms and packs don’t soak.

Multiple Attackers - Depending on the size of the pack, two or more characters might be affected by it and can attack it in turn. However, anyone who helps an overrun character can be attacked as well.

Fleeing - A human can outrun some packs or swarms (those consisting of rats or bugs), but can’t hope to outrun others (those consisting of hyenas or birds). Doing so is a contested roll per Pursuit rules where the swarm uses their initiative rating in the chart below for the basis of their pursuit dice pool. The number of successes required to shake a pursuit by a swarm is equal to the Health Levels rating of the swarm.

Packs and Swarms Chart
Animal Damage Health Levels Initiative
Small Bugs 1 5 2
Large Bugs 2 7 3
Flying Bugs 2 5 4
Birds, Bats 4 9 5
Rats 3 7 3
Large Rats (one or more feet long) 4 9 3
Feral Cats 4 6 6
Wild or Stray Dogs 6 15 4
Humans 4 15 5
Humans (Rioters/Armed Mob) 6 20 6
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