South Street Seaport

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South Street Seaport and Fulton Fishmarket

Section: Lower Manhattan

Neighborhood: Financial District

Address: south of Fulton and along FDR

South Street Seaport is the old fishing and port of New York City. Now converted into a tourist attraction with the streets closed to traffic and a picturesque esplanade lining the edge of the East River, most of the old Fishing District is made up of shops and restaurants with harbor tour boats and private yachts occupying the boat slips.

However, the remnants of the old district still are evident as the old buildings make home to the shops and restaurants along the South Street Esplanade and Pier 17 while Fulton Street still has the fish markets in operation. Here tourists flock to the area to enjoy walks along the boardwalk, the gift shops, a harbor tour, the old restored boats, the sea food restaurants, and the great photo opportunities of the Brooklyn Bridge which is just at the end of the South Street Esplanade. Locals enjoy the area as well and usually take the opportunity to buy freshest fish in the city at the markets.

As this is such an expansive complex, there is no way a brief description can do it justice. For more information and RP inspiration, please see the official website: South Street Seaport Official Site

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