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The Joys of Scream Queening in the World of Darkness

You know we get that most people play mortals to be toys to supernaturals. We get that it’s an alluring storyline and it can be very popular. However, even toys can malfunction and become difficult to deal with. So we’d like to suggest that you consider the virtues of being a scream queen.

We don’t mean that literally of course. Not every character will scream at the sight of something unexplained or freakish. When we say “scream queen” we mean any mortal that just doesn’t nod like an automaton and go along. Mortals who question, are curious, snoopy, sure the classic scream queen as well, and so much more…can be a real pain in the ass. And that’s basically what it’s about – being a pain in the ass.

By being a pain in the ass, your character delivers so much to the Chronicle overall. You provide a sorely needed balance to the game. After all without the millions of NPC mortals out there, the supernaturals would just run around doing whatever it was that they wanted. We much rather have you guys represent those millions well by providing the dramatic tension only a strong mortal player character presence can provide.

Someone needs to keep them in line. Someone needs to make them feel the pressure. Someone needs to make them feel the need to cover their tracks. Someone needs to make them feel the need to be extra-thorough in their planning.

That someone is the scream queen mortal player character.

So we’d much rather see stories about mortals being a thorn in the side of supernaturals trying to cover up their existence than mortals who just blandly go with the flow. It makes things so much more interesting and satisfying for all concerned.

Remember here in WoDG we encourage player vs. player stories and just because you’re playing an underdog, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use your mortal to make life difficult for the supernaturals. That’s your job!

So if some supernatural player starts whining that your little mortal is being a pain in the ass well you just tell them…

"Honeybadger don’t care. Honeybadger don’t give a shit! Honeybadger eats anything! Honeybadger is naaaaaasssteeee!"

Then send them to a ST where they will be shamed properly for not being able to think of a way to deal with a mortal without resorting to murder and other nasty business that’s going to get them in deeper with their elders.

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