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The World of Darkness: Gotham Storyteller team wishes to make clear at the outset to each and every player what kind of game WoDG is and what they can expect out of their experience here.

Our game world is a harsh depiction of the Classic World of Darkness. Players need to understand that their characters will never ever be 100% safe. The game has a setting that will mess with you, NPCs that will mess with your character, and PCs that will also mess with your character.

We do not abide by the World of Darkness Café Culture whereby players just sit in some safe location and rack up EXP without ever taking a risk with their character.

For us, World of Darkness is a game universe in the HORROR genre. It is not set in a game universe of pink fluffy bunnies or comic book heros. We have a definite mood and theme for our Chronicle and incoming members are expected to respect that. If you have a low tolerance for graphic content that depicts horrific violent, grotesque, offensive, controversial, and sexual themes, then this game is not for you.

Danger can come to your character at any time and any place. Our setting and our styles as STs are more hard core than your average chat. This means that World of Darkness: Gotham is a hard, cruel, mean, nasty, horrific, frightening, tricky, sick and wrong, and UNFORGIVING place.

NPCs are played as written and they will not be watered down for the sake of players who do not like having to deal with adverse effects to their characters or whose players are sensitive and have a low tolerance for graphic content. There is no censorship here.

Players are expected to use their wits, ask questions, protect their characters, and be responsible for them.

This doesn't mean that we don't accommodate casual play styles. If you're here just a couple times a month and want to go into character, that's fine. We are not aiming this disclaimer at casual roleplayers, we are aiming it at the types of players who come into a chat and expect to log in and never have their characters touched. Or worse yet, they expect to have their characters garner rewards without risking anything.

In World of Darkness: Gotham, you cannot win what you don't put in the middle and every community member needs to understand and respect that storylines thrive on literary conflict and that is the basis for our hardline stance.

Our Standards

The staff have all been long at this chat and RP business. We've been in other games as players and STs. We know very well what kind of shenanigans go on out there. WoDG is first and foremost a refuge from that sort of thing for people who are seeking a more grown-up game and community.

WoDG isn't just concerned with OOC standards of behavior. We are a mature chronicle and we do expect a certain standard in the quality of characters brought into the game world and the types of IC behavior that go on. Both players and STs here expect a deeper exploration of characters by their peers than is found in most RPGs. Players create character sketches and study them more like writers and actors rather than gamers focusing on a collection of dots on a piece of paper. Therefore, we expect our players to read, research, and make an effort to go by the same core principles and themes as their fellows and the STs. This information is readily available in this wiki especially in the commentaries areas of each venue (Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage) and in your core books.

This means that while we welcome players new to Classic World of Darkness, we expect those players to respect the time of the other players in the chat and the STs by owning the core books and demonstrating at least a rudimentary familiarity with the venue they choose to play. The community is helpful and the STs are patient, but we aren't here to do your homework for you. New players must be willing to research and put in the work.

All players must also demonstrate an ability to get IC and act out a role instead of just driving a character around like a little miniature in table top because in this chat, players don't create RPG characters, they study for a role.

Please take this to heart when deciding if this chat is for you. Demonstrating an unwillingness to adhere to these standards can ultimately result in your ban from the community.

If you know you can't handle working through adversity your character faces or dealing with aspects of character development at a more compelling level, please find another game. No community member will want to spend time their time working with you if you can't take the heat, you just don't want to be hassled with having to RP out what having a Beast or Awakened Avatar means, or you get offended by some storyline that delves into hardcore Black Dog themes.

If you're looking for a place to hang your hat and get some serious and rewarding RP going on with a good and solid troupe, then please come on in. If you're a beginner and intimidated, don't be. So long as you can play at pretend games, have a good mind's eye, and can assume a role, mechanics and details can be worked through with study. If you took a drama course or creative writing course in your lifetime and liked it, you'll like it here.

WARNING: We reserve the right to refuse entry to any proposed player to the community if we see signs of trouble during pre-sanctioning or during the sanctioning process. Just like players get to decide if WoDG is right for them, STs get to decide if a player is a good fit or not for WoDG.

In other words...if a player is too stupid to behave when becoming acclimated to a new social circle, then they deserve to be banned from that social circle immediately.

It's not complicated.

No Apologies

We make no apologies for our frank and sometimes biting tone. This is the internet and there's a whole lot of crazy out there. Unfortunately, the online cWoD community is not immune to such disruptive personalities and vitriol. We like to be forthcoming to our prospective players and let them know that this will always be a safe place to RP where such personalities are not tolerated and are quickly removed from the community.

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