Rikers Island

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Rikers Island
Section: Northwest Queens
Neighborhood: East Elmhurst
Address: Rikers Island
Owner/Operator: New York City Department of Corrections
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Rikers Island is the main jail complex for all of New York City and is the largest penal colony in the world. The island is located between Queens and the Bronx in the East River next to La Guardia International Airport. Rikers Island has a a staff of 7,000 officers and 1,500 civilians to control an inmate population of 14,000 with an annual budget of over $860 million.

The Rikers Island complex, which consists of ten jails, holds local offenders who are awaiting trial and cannot afford, obtain, or were not given bail from a judge, those serving sentences of one year or less and those temporarily placed there pending transfer to another facility.[citation needed] Rikers Island is therefore a jail and not a prison, which typically holds offenders serving longer-term sentences.

Facilities located on the island include Otis Bantum Correctional Center (OBCC), Robert N. Davoren Complex (RNDC, formerly ARDC), Anna M. Kross Center (AMKC), George Motchan Detention Center (GMDC), North Infirmary Command (NIC), Rose M. Singer Center (RMSC), Eric M. Taylor Center (EMTC, formerly CIFM), James A. Thomas Center (JATC), George R. Vierno Center (GRVC) and West Facility (WF). The Bantum, Kross, Motchan, and Vierno house detained male adults. Taylor houses sentenced male adolescents and adults. Davoren primarily houses male inmates who are of ages 16 through 18. Singer houses detained and sentenced female adolescents and adults. North Infirmary primarily houses inmates who require medical attention from an infirmary. West Facility houses inmates who have diseases that are contagious.

The only access to the island is from Queens, over the unmarked 4,200-foot (1.28 km) three-lane Francis Buono Bridge.

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