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Have Fun and Be Cool to Each Other

Most of the underlying philosophies found in World of Darkness: Gotham center on the two core principles of fun and respect. If a policy doesn’t help keep the Chronicle fun and encourage respectful behavior among its community members, it likely won’t be found in WoDG.

That being said, the two main questions all community members should ask themselves if faced with challenges or issues are as follows:

  1. Is this issue threatening the fun of other community members or is it making things dull?
  2. Is this disrespectful to the community or members of the community?

If there’s a possibility that some activity you are engaging in might cause that answer to be “yes” or “probably”, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

Also, we as a team can understand that people get heated at times during scenes and tense moments for their characters. If things get out of hand we usually instruct the uppity player to go cool off and that's the end of it. We get that players can get upset during game play. However, players actively seeking to antagonize the community or members of the community by trolling or instigating discord, we will not tolerate and these types of players will be asked to leave. When you are shown the door in this manner, there are no do-overs so be very very conscious of your decision while engaging in this sort of activity. The ban is permanent.

Please note that obviously that we mean this in an OOC sense. Of course there are antagonistic player characters and we understand the vital role that they play in keeping the Chronicle going.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. What Does It Mean?
Well in the context of WoDG it means that we would like our community members to all recognize a few core principles so that we all enjoy our time spent together.

  1. Recognize that just as you are here spending your valuable relaxation time, so are your fellow players and the STs. They deserve to enjoy it just as much as you.
  2. Recognize that we all have IRL issues that make us not the most pleasant company and make us seem insane to others. Please recognize that and leave the hang-ups outside the community.
  3. Recognize that other players have characters that are just as important as yours. Share the spotlight and don’t expect players and their characters to go running after you for RP. Share the scene. Don’t be a snowflake.
  4. Recognize that others are not your personal entertainment centers. RPing is a lot like dancing and no one should be stuck leading or following all the time. Share the responsibility of the RP rhythm. Then you all can get jiggy with it.
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