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Taking Up Residence in the City

Garou are not nice. They are not very logical either. For all their tough exteriors they are just a bunch of emotional drama queens – each with their own pet project that everyone else should drop if they were smart because their project is the true project for Gaia’s Chosen Warriors.

With so few Garou left, each is needed to guard every caern. To the Garou of any individual Sept of any given caern, their caern is the most precious. Theirs is the most worthy of protection. Theirs is the one that Gaia wants most protected. They are the Chosen Ones. They are the only tribe with the answers. They are the only tribe that knows how to get everyone else out of this mess. If the other tribes would stop being so god damned stupid and listen to them and their leadership, then no one would be in this mess.

For Garou of any non-urban tribe to turn a blind eye to the protectorates, territories, caerns, and septs that their own tribes protect and run off to the city to protect some Sept in some weaver and Wyrm infested hellhole in a scab ridden with clueless apes beholden to leeches and worse, there’s got to be a good reason for going.

Logic dictates that there are plenty of things happening in a city like New York that affects the countryside and therefore dictates Garou should have some sense and go there.

Well that would be true if Garou had sense. They don’t – at least a lot of the elders don’t.

What makes Werewolf such a tragic game is that it’s set up from the beginning for the Garou to fail. It’s up to the player characters to navigate those circumstances the best that they can.

Can player characters shirk off the stereotypes presented in the books? YES!

The stereotypes in the books are set up for the background decoration. They are the nice garnish on the side of your plate.

It’s the player characters who are the true stars and they are either going to be heroic tragic figures and rise to the top, or they are going to fall down and get mired in with the rest of the noise. That’s up to you as players.

So what is all this bitching about?

Well the point is that your character might be the hero and might have sense. The NPC elders, you know those fuzzy tree-humpers that he’s got to convince that going to the city and pledging his allegiance to a fucking Bone Gnawer and a bunch of urrah and their kin is somehow best for the tribe, sept, pack, family, etc.? Yeah those guys? Remember them? They aren’t so sensible.

So first off, you’ll have to give a great reason as to why your character got to leave his tree-humping pals and their pet project to go to the city to play with the city slickers.

Secondly, you’re going to need to be prepared for some of the unpleasant side effects of being a non-urban Garou in an urban setting.

Ironically Metis might have it easier, but the tree-humping tribes do not. 

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