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The Red Room

Section: Midtown

Neighborhood: Sutton Place

Address: 2 Sutton Square

The Red Room is located in the heart of the upper crust in the Sutton Place neighborhood of Midtown. Nestled among the quiet, serene walkways of the nearly forgotten portion of Sutton Square, rests a marble building overlooking the East River. The former apartment building converted into a Private Social Club, caters to the crème de la crème of New York's aristocracy. Two doormen always dressed neatly in dark suits stand in front of a large red door, just behind the small wrought iron fence separating the entrance of the Private Club from the sidewalk. Rising up approximately five and a half floors, the rounded stained glass windows of the lower floors obscure the view from the outside preventing Non-Members from gawking as they pass bye on the streets.

Inside, beautiful deep set black marble flooring spreads outwards left into the plush carpeted Smoking and Billiards Room with a modest wet bar and kitchenette attached to it. The Room appropriately enough dubbed "The Rumpus Room", contains a number of comfortable sofa's and high backed chairs arranged around small tables with, chess and card tables completing the ensemble. There is a small section to sit and eat anything from the world class menu in the back of the room, as the place is a haven for the gentlemen of the club seeking to escape their significant others. Also accessible from the main foyer is another door that leads to the small Spa off to the right which contains a humble gym complete with a sauna and steam room as well as changing rooms and a health food bar.

Directly up the center of the main foyer is the reception desk where the well-dressed staff can direct members and guests to any of the Club's features as well as relay messages and act as an answering service for Members within the club. On either side of the reception desk are wrought iron staircases leading up and to the left towards the esteemed senior members only areas including the small round opera theater, and lounge, and then to the right leading up to the large ballrooms and the grand library on the second and third floors. The library is arranged in a circular pattern with literally thousands of texts donated by the wealthy members of the club for all members' benefits. The texts are easily enjoyed in the lush confines of the library as readers can sit in any of the numerous fine leather high backed chairs arranged comfortably around a grand fireplace set back into the marble walls. Ascending the stairs to the higher floors members can find the two ballrooms and multi-purpose rooms of the club used for large gatherings and parties. These rooms come complete with polished hardwood flooring and several multipurpose bars lining the walls. No expense was spared in making the place ideal for any occasion.

The whole of the club permeates with the refined class and luxury the members have come to expect from such an establishment and the club remains to be one of New York's finest private social clubs among the city's elite.

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