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Below is a mandatory article for all Garou players. Rage is a constant factor in every Garou's life and we expect that if you play a Garou in WoDG, you will role play out your Rage.

We've gone to great lengths to expand on Rage from the core texts and give role play guides to everyone so it should not be a problem. Everything you ever wanted to know about Rage is contained here and if there something that isn't covered, let us know and we'll add to the article.


Rage Is Not Anger

"Much of a Garou’s struggle comes from a never-ending battle with the Rage each werewolf feels. The Beast is never far from their thoughts — even the most pacifistic Ragabash or the most serene of the Children of Gaia looks at a normal human and must repress the urge to rend and tear and bite until all that’s left is blood and meat. Ahroun have it far worse, fighting to see friends, family, and loved ones as little more than prey animals or targets for attack."

Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition

Rage is not anger. It is a representation of the classic literary conflict Man vs Beast and as such it is a common theme to the werewolf genre as a whole. Werewolf horror classics feature men and women driven to violent fits of madness upon witnessing a full moon who embark on rampages only to wake up the next morning stunned at the horror of the situation. They are tormented and tortured souls in an impossible struggle for control of their urges. That is one of the main inspirations for Werewolf: The Apocalypse and the very image you should conjure in your mind's eye when thinking of how to role play Rage.

From the most even tempered Ragabash to the most bloodthirsty Ahroun, every Garou has Rage. Some Garou interpret Rage as the pain of Gaia made manifest, as she is being raped and maltreated by both the knowing (usually minions of the Wyrm) as well as the ignorant (usually greedy, often blind or shortsighted humans). For others it is a curse and manifestation of the Wyrm. Theories on just what it is are many and each tribe and each Garou has their own take on it.

Whatever the interpretation, the effects of Rage are constant in every werewolf. It's a characteristic that is found in all Garou as a shared and common trait. So no, you don't get the option to interpret how to role play it.

Rage is not an emotion. It is not anger, it's not passion, and it's not bitchiness. If you're role playing your character being short tempered, bitchy, snappy, or mean and thinking you're role playing Rage properly, you're not. You're just role playing being an asshole and that has nothing to do with Rage. It's just your character being an asshole and he or she very well may be one as part of their concept, but it's not Rage.

Rage is a primal drive that urges characters, no matter the auspice, to rend, kill, destroy other creatures and turn them into piles of meat. It's the drive to see every other living thing in the world as prey and targets for attack. It's not only Garou arrogance to see themselves as Gaia's Chosen, but at the very core and primal level, their beasts see everything else as theirs to dominate, hunt, and kill.

Watch a classic werewolf movie and you'll see a tormented soul committing atrocities...rending neighbors, friends, family to bits indiscriminately. They may revel in it or may be horrified by their urges. They may warn people to stay away in the vain attempt to spare a few from his talons and fangs. That's the source of the inspiration for Rage. If you still can't relate to the concept of Man vs Beast and the inner conflict resulting from the duality, then watch the Hulk or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The concept is not all that complex, you just need to dig into your imagination.

Rage and the Curse

Most humans will feel uneasy around Garou and avoid them. Garou awaken an instinct in humans to flee as prey flees the approach of a predator. When you watch a wild life show and see a pack of wolves stalk a herd of deer. The deer become alert, sensing the predator in their midst, and become nervous. The nervousness travels over the entire herd and as the predator moves past them the deer will give the wolf a wide berth until it has moved out of range of a strike. That is the effect of the Curse.

One common misconception that players often cite is an erroneous reading in the core book. We've had quite a few players shoot snottily back to us after we've explained the profound implications of Rage, the Beast, and the Curse on their characters, "If my character's Willpower exceeds his Rage, then humans are fine with him!" We don't know quite where this started (likely word of mouth), but it's a mistake and we hear it all the time from players. Page 191 of Werewolf: The Apocalypse Revised Edition clearly states that it is the human's Willpower that is the measuring stick against Rage, not the Garou's.

Since most people in New York City have Willpower lower than 6, it makes life exceedingly complicated for urban Garou and near impossible for rural Garou. Rural Garou have a devil of a time just being in the scab to begin with as they are literally as fish out of water there.

However, to put this into perspective: the population of the Greater New York Metropolitan Area is 22,085,649. 63% of that population or nearly 14 million people on any given day are affected by the Curse if your character is an Ahroun. 48% if your character is a Galliard or roughly 10.6 million people.

Rage Role Playing Guide

Role Playing Moon Phases and Rage

Moon phases are exceedingly important and you as a player need to be aware of the current phase at all times. It's conveniently provided to you on our website along with the local time and weather.

If you take a look at the frenzy difficulty chart in any of the core books, you will see how the difficulties decrease as the moon becomes more full, making a frenzy more likely. This impacts your character's RP tremendously or it should. The bestial urges of the Garou's Rage can overcome the Garou's rational side more easily when the moon is fullest. That means that his Beast has clawed its way to the surface and the character is struggling more than any other time in the month to suppress the urge to hunt and kill everything in sight...even the slightest provocation can unleash the Garou's Rage.

When you RP, you should RP that your character is always under stress to keep the Beast in check. Through the phases of the moon he becomes increasingly bestial and the stress piles on. This struggle doesn't go away ever. Your character's every waking moment is consumed with having to keep it together. Certain times of the month it's easier to do so. Should your character frenzy, he may have ridden the frenzy out or spent WP to suppress that last Rage roll, but the moon is still up in the sky, keeping that beast at the surface.

So if the phases of the moon indicate how close the Beast's urges are to overtaking the rational side of the Garou and how difficult it is for the Garou to suppress those urges, then what does the Rage rating mean? The Rage rating translates into just how strong those urges are and how deep they run in the Garou. A Garou with heavy amounts of Rage has more suppressed energy and a deeper fountain of this primal energy that can bubble up to the surface, causing his frenzies to be spectacularly explosive.

In short, the Rage pool a Garou has is like the magma in a volcano. Some Garou are small fissures capable of only holding small amounts of lava and some are volcanoes and still others are like super volcanoes. All of these volcanoes are equally explosive and terrifying. However, like the Garou with especially high Rage, super volcanoes have enough magma to fuel an eruption for a truly horrible length of time. What's even worse is that the normally smallest of fissures can quickly become just as destructive as a super volcano given the right conditions, and when it does no one will see it coming.

Note that the above also affects metis pretty much the same way as homids because metis are also capable of abstract thought and therefore have a rational side too.

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Rank and Rage

As we've discussed, much of a Garou's life is just trying to keep it together depending on the moon phase. This is especially the case the younger and less experienced he is.

Think about it. Anyone who has ever watched a wild life video has watched young animals vie for their place in their given social structure. They tend to be more aggressive and rash, risking much more than their more experienced elders and their decisions are not always the most sound.

So in addition to considering the moon phase in your RP of a werewolf, you should consider your character's rank. Higher ranks tend to be older than your typical Cliath. They certainly have more experience with their Beasts. Their life experience or experience fulfilling their sacred duty and fighting for the Mother does put them in situations where control of their Beast is tested to the limits. They learn how to wield their frenzies as terrible and focused weapons against their foes. They have learned self-discipline and have a measure of self-control. As the Beast rises to the surface with the passing phases of the moon, they are able to draw on their experience to more effectively fight off the urges of the Beast.

Beginning at Adren, the mechanical benefits of Rank kick in and is worth keeping in mind.

Role Playing Gaining Rage

Your character gains rage in WoDG for the following reasons:

  • The Moon: We simulate the effects of the moon on your character through our scripts. Just as the book says, the sight of the moon at night stirs your character's Beast and wakes it, urging it to hunt.
  • Humiliation: No one wants to be laughed at and Garou are a proud race. The sting of humiliation cuts deep and even animals lash out when they are being taunted and so does the Beast. Remember that first and foremost the Beast is an ever present urge to hunt, kill, and rule over all. Humiliation makes dominance hard to assert and it causes the Beast no end of frustration so it wells up in the heart of the Garou.
  • Botching: Botching important rolls or botching rolls that cause the character embarrassment will put stress on your character, causing the Beast to lash out in frustration much like humiliation does.
  • Confrontation: Any confrontation can cause the urge to kill and dominate to gain an advantage over your character's rational side. Particularly heated arguments, struggles, chases, battles, etc. all demand the Beast dominate or kill the source of the conflict.
  • New Stories: In WoDG a story is defined as a month as we are not a table top group. At the beginning of a month, the system will assign your character a random number to your Rage Pool which you are to role play and only check off when your character has legitimately spent Rage via role play. You are free to explain what a character was doing that earned him his current Rage so long as it is not game altering or renown worthy.

Increasing Permanent Rage

Increasing Permanent Rage is something to be done with great care as it has dire in game consequences. Effects of the Curse, the likelihood of frenzy, and making it more difficult to control your frenzies using Gnosis are just some of the drawbacks.

Justification for such an increase should come with explanation. Perhaps your character experienced a harsh frenzy or other trauma. Perhaps a loved one or packmate was killed or worse yet, fell to the Wyrm.

Whatever the case, you need to consider the implications of gaining that Permanent dot of Rage and role play it according to the chart at the bottom of this page.


Players who conveniently go back to role playing their Garou as calm and balanced after gaining a Permanent Rage, will have it removed by STs and the Experience points will be returned to the sheet.

Exeeding Permanent Rage

In WoDG, characters will exceed their Permanent Rage rating during times of extreme conditions listed above, during specific psychological triggers of the character, manipulation through supernatural powers, and at the start of a new story. Therefore, even the most calm Ragabash can frenzy under proper conditions. Rage should never be treated lightly.

Rolling Rage

When rolling Rage, you roll whichever is highest at the time permanent Rage or temporary Rage.

Role Playing Tapping Rage

You can only spend Rage in times of stress. That is when the Beast's adrenaline is highest and it demands release. Your character being a Garou, recognizes this and channels his Rage so that it is used as a potent weapon. Be advised that when you are tapping Rage, you are actually tapping into the urge to destroy. This is not an anger management issue. This is beyond berserk. It should not be treated casually ICly or tapped casually OOCly.

  • Frenzy: Frenzy is the violent outburst, the untamed savagery, the animal instinct for blood and brutality that lurks in the heart of every werewolf. Whenever a player gets four or more successes on a Rage roll, the character enters a frenzy. The frenzy comes in two distinct forms:
    • Berserk: Your character shifts into Crinos or Hispo and attacks anything. The Beast is completely unleashed and your character's urges take over. He will tear anything in his path to bloody bits. Still Gaia gave the Garou Rage to use as a weapon and when they are connected to her, they can direct their frenzies to great effect in battle. Whenever a character's Permanent Gnosis is higher than his Permanent Rage, the character may direct his frenzy and avoid attacking friends and reserve the full wrath of the Beast for his foes. Otherwise he will attack anything that moves, unless he spends a Willpower point to select a target.
    • Fox: Fox frenzy is the state of flight. The Beast has been shaken to the point that a flight response has been triggered. It is scared shitless and will not attack anything unless in its path. It will make a beeline for the nearest hiding place and cower there until the frenzy passes.
  • Extra Actions: A player can spend Rage to give his character extra actions in a single turn. However, a Garou cannot spend more Rage points for actions in a turn than half of his permanent Rage rating. When he does this, it is no small thing. Your character is letting loose the leash on his Beast to tap into its power and it should be role played as though the primal drive of your Garou has bubbled up to the surface and should manifest in some way depending on how much of it is tapped. Depending on the situation a howl, battle cry, etc. might be appropriate. The display should be primal and savage. Remember that your character is already under stress in the first place in order to spend the Rage to perform extra actions and so a display must be made of that stress in your role play.
  • Changing Forms: A Player may spend a Rage point for his character to change instantly to any form he desires, without having to roll Stamina + Primal-Urge. As with above, the only time when your character should be able to burn Rage to change forms is when the character is under stress. Otherwise, you should be rolling for it. As with extra actions, there should be a fierce display made of that stressor and the Beast's reaction to it. Watch this transformation for inspiration.
  • Recovering from Stun: If a character loses more health levels in one turn than his Stamina rating, he is stunned and unable to act in the next turn. By spending a Rage point, the werewolf can ignore the effect and function normally. During battle, the beast is a constant companion and for many Garou, it overshadows reason most at this time. Adrenaline is pumping and your character's hackles are raised and may be raised to the point that his Beast is more interested in destroying its prey, than to feel pain.
  • Remaining Active: If a character falls below the Incapacitated health level, a player can use Rage to keep her character going. Doing so requires a Rage roll (difficulty 8). Each success heals a health level, regardless of the type of wound. A player may attempt this roll only once per scene. If this roll fails, the character doesn’t recover. Naturally conditions for remaining active would be extremely stressful. They are last ditch efforts to survive and the drive to survive and dominate is strong in every Garou. When remaining active, your character is tapping into its deepest primal reaches to draw on his Beast and its strength to avoid death. These are dramatically tense moments where your character is at stake and so you should take every opportunity to dig deep and role play the Beast struggling to survive.
  • Beast Within: For every point of Rage a character has above his Willpower rating, he loses one die on all social-interaction rolls. People, even other werewolves, can sense the killer hiding just under his skin, and they don’t want to be anywhere near it. At times like these your character is more of a snarling monster ready to rend everything in its path to bloody bits than he is part rational or part beast and it should be role played as such.
  • Losing the Wolf: If a character has lost or spent all his Rage and Willpower points, he has “lost the wolf,” and he cannot regain Rage. The Garou cannot shift to anything except his breed form until his Rage returns. The character must regain at least one Willpower point before he can recover any Rage. How this state manifests in role play depends largely on the situation that the Garou might find himself in. However, the state should be one of utter exhaustion as both the rational and bestial aspect of the Garou is spent.

Role Playing Rage vs Willpower

Willpower is a measure of your character's rational side (or wolf side in the case of lupus). In mechanical terms it allows your character to a longer fuse to avoid frenzy and this is especially useful during times of the month when the moon is in its fuller phases. Players can also spend a Willpower point to select a victim during a Berserk frenzy to avoid rending loved ones to bits.

In role play terms, it will affect how aware your character's rational side is of the struggle with the Beast. This is both a blessing and a curse as the more rational and willful a character is, the more desperate he is to control his urges and the more he is horrified at the carnage his frenzies cause when he does in fact lose control.

Role Playing and Managing Rage, the Beast, and the Curse

At all times in WoDG Rage, the Beast, and the Curse must be taken into account in your role play. During character creation it's especially important, because how you set your character up should coincide with how he manages his Rage and his interaction with the flock. You need to ask yourself how this Curse impacts your character's daily life and what precautions he has taken if any to deal with his Rage. He is coming into an urban setting and not just any urban setting. This is an urban setting which has the greatest population density in North America. To do so without a plan even if you are playing an urban character is courting disaster and it will be made painfully clear why.

Below is a chart to help players understand the profound implications of Rage and their impact on their characters. As you can see from the table a good majority of the city will be affected by the Curse.

Current Rage Effects of the Curse Rage Role Play Hints

Repressed or Spent: Your rational side governs your Beast utterly. You can interact with humans as one of them, not even startling the most sensitive. You are either a New Moon or your Rage was recently spent and now you have a respite from your inner struggle as your rational side takes over.

10% of humans and animals avoid your character. 2 million people effected in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.

Recovering or Untamed: Your rational side is in control, but the Beast stirs quietly beneath the surface and may manifest in slight and subconscious ways in the way your character moves and acts. This causes the most skiddish of prey (both human and animal) to keep you at a safe distance, but others might see it as mysterious and exotic. You are either a Theurge, a Ragabash with a primal streak, or a Garou whose Rage is slowly climbing after being unleashed and you are drawn back to the struggle with your urges especially when the moon is fullest.

30% of humans and animals avoid your character. 6.6 million people effected in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.

Primal: Your rational side is at odds with your bestial side in a constant tug of war where both sides are at a draw. A significant amount of prey recognize your Beast and keep you at a distance. You are either a Philodox, or a Theurge or Ragabash with strong primal streaks. You could also be a Galliard or Ahroun whose Rage is rising after being spent. As the pool is replenished, so too is the danger. Your character's urges are a constant concern now as any provocation can lead him to an over abundance of Rage. His rational side is preoccupied with the phase of the moon, knowing that when Luna is at Half Moon or more, it is possible for him to frenzy should his primal urges gain the slightest bit of strength over him.

48% of humans and animals avoid your character. 10.6 million people effected in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.

Wild: Your rational side has trouble keeping hold and is prone to being overcome by the Beast, especially at times of the month when the moon is at Half Moon or more. At those times, a good amount of his Willpower is spent staving off frenzy or keeping sequestered from unnecessary provocations. You are a Galliard. You also could be a Philodox, Theurge, or Ragabash with with very strong primal streaks or an over abundance of Rage. Almost half of the people and animals you encounter do whatever they can to keep away from you.

63% of humans and animals avoid your character. 14 million people effected in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.

Fierce: Your rational side is constantly prone to being overcome by the Beast, especially at times when the moon is fullest. At full moon, if you're an Ahroun, it is extremely easy to frenzy and you must limit contact to unnecessary sources of provocation or risk a loss of control to your bestial urges or be prepared to have to exert your will constantly to avoid going on a rampage (spending Willpower). What's more is that after you spend willpower, there is no solace for you. You are still prone to frenzy and the moon is still high in the sky driving your Beast and consuming your character with its urges. Furthermore, no matter the time of the month, more than half the people you encounter will scatter instinctively at your approach. Those that don't? Well they are the strong ones and may be good breeding material or something that arouses your curiosity.

76% of humans and animals avoid your character. 16.8 million people effected in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.

Savage: Your rational side is losing. You're constant battle with the Beast has taken its toll. At all times you are given to frenzy, but more importantly, for the first time your frenzies have a chance to take a darker turn. You can fall to the Thrall of the Wyrm which is truly frightening. During the time when the moon is fullest, your character's struggle becomes desperate as not only can he easily frenzy, those frenzies can become perverse and tainted manifestations of the Wyrm.

What's worse is that it seems that everything on Gaia's green earth knows exactly the monster that you are. Over three quarters of the world's population and most animals will have nothing to do with you. Humans and animals being able to stand your presence is so unusual, that anyone who can tolerate you for any length of time or can even approach you who is not also a Garou or kinfolk, should be treated with suspicion. Some werewolves may even have issues socializing with your character as its drive to dominate others overrides his common sense at times. You have exceeded the natural limits of Rage for all auspices and now you embark on a dangerous path that only experienced Garou are able to manage without tragic consequences.

86% of humans and animals avoid your character. 19 million people effected in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.

Feral: You have succumbed. More often than not, the Beast drives your character's actions. You are a creature of instinct and urges now. Your rational side fights back tooth and nail and grips tightly on the leash, but its only marginally successful. You pine for the nights when the moon is weakest, because at least then you can relax a little as your rational side comes to the fore and more easily controls that tenuous hold you have on your Beast. At other times, you have to be ever vigilant as suppressing frenzy is a constant fact of life and falling into Thrall is all too easy.

Humans and animals being able to stand your presence is so unusual, that anyone who can tolerate you for any length of time or can even approach you who is not also a Garou or kinfolk, should be seen as a possible threat to you and the Veil. They are definitely not the norm. Your character has a hard time socializing with other Garou the source of the difficulty is that he has an urge to dominate all others and his rational side has a difficult time keeping the Beast in check so as to observe nuances of rank and the general pecking order among those of his own rank. It drives the Beasts of other Garou in turn to respond to your character's lack of control in observing the societal structure of the Garou. Garou with this level of Rage require heavy amounts of experience to navigate the perils successfully.

93% of humans and animals avoid your character. 20.5 million people effected in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.

Bestial: When your character's permanent or temporary rage is at this level, he is a beast. You listen to your character's instincts more and pay lipservice to his rational side which has only a superficial grasp on your character's psyche. During the weakest moon phases, your rational side does become marginally more prevalent to give just enough peace from the never ending demands of the Beast's urges so that your character isn't driven into total madness. At these times, your sacred duty to Gaia is perhaps your only comfort and if it is just a temporary state of an overabundance of Rage, you should be thankful. To have this abundance of Rage is to be under constant threat of Thrall.

You are indeed Cursed as only the most willfull of her creatures can even begin to stand in your midst, leaving you disconnected from the very pulse of universal life that you protect. Humans and animals being able to stand your presence is so unusual, that anyone who can tolerate you for any length of time or can even approach you who is not also a Garou or kinfolk, should be seen as a definite danger to you and the Veil. They are definitely not the norm and so they are a source of major stress as your character's Beast goes into a hyper vigilant state. He finds the divide between him and all but the most steely and hard headed Garou difficult at best. Only they have the will to not shred your character to ribbons when he forgets himself and his place in the social heirarchy of the Garou. Even experienced Garou find themselves tested to their limits when trying to manage this overabundance of Rage.

98% of humans and animals avoid your character. 21.6 million people effected in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.

Monstrous: While in this state of Rage, your character is a monster. It is only at the rarest moments that rational thought prevails. You are driven by instinct in this state do not hesitate to trust its guidance. When driven by the weaker phases of the moon, the rational side makes weak appeals to drive down the Beast and bring the overabundance of Rage within your character within more natural levels. During strong moon phases, a frenzy almost certainly will lead to a Thrall of the Wyrm, making this state difficult to live with on a full time basis.

Thankfully for most Garou, this is a temporary state, but those that have known it for extended periods have found themselves on a lonely road as next to no human will come in direct contact with him. It is only the rarest of animals and individual members of the flock that are not driven off by the Curse. Not even those few remnants of the Mother's children provide any respite because the Beast views any who do not flee or submit as a threat to be either destroyed or utterly dominated. This attitude even extends to other Garou and only the most stalwart among his fellow Garou will be able to resist the urge to destroy your character in turn for the lack of social graces and for posing a threat or challenge in his unrelenting bestial stance. Only the most experienced among the Garou survive at this level of Rage for long.

99.5% of humans and animals avoid your character. 21.9 million people effected in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.

Foaming at the Mouth: When your character's Rage has reached this level, he is a creature driven by the Beast entirely. The urge to hunt, kill, and dominate occupies all his thoughts. All moon phases are dangerous times for him, but those of the new moon and crescent moon at least gives his barely present rational side very meek voice to plea for sanity and bring the level of Rage within managable limits. His frenzies are particularly horrific because in the other moon phases, it becomes increasingly difficult to avoid them. He falls into the Thrall of the Wyrm very easily which leads him to commit many heinous acts that he would recoil from as soon as his Rage is within the limits where his rational side is given a respite and can reflect on all the wickedness the Wyrm in him has caused.

He scares all humans and animals with his presence. Those that can manage to be around him, are seen as threats. Even other Garou are loathe to socialize with your character. They may even be openly hostile as your character's drive to dominate is so strong it prevents him from adhering to the most basic displays of submission in the Garou social structure. This causes him to be the subject of attack as he's seen as a threat to the Garou and the Veil. Only the most experienced Garou have a slight chance of reigning in the Beast and surviving at this level.

Meditation and Rage Management

Garou who already have an appreciation for understanding their connection to the Sacred Mother and actively connect with their spiritual side, know the power of meditation. It is the best way to experience that connection and replenish one's spiritual power or Gnosis. These Garou know that mediation is also a potent tool to use when trying to balance one's rational and bestial halves.

System: Roll Willpower difficulty 8 to achieve a meditative state. Then roll Mediation only difficulty 9. For every success, your character can gain a Willpower or reduce his temporary Rage by one. A botch will cause your character to lose a Willpower or gain a temporary Rage respectively. A failure indicates that your character's concentration is broken and he gains no benefits.


Frenzy Difficulty Chart
Moon Phase Difficulty
New 8
Crescent 7
Half 6
Gibbous 5
Full 4

Frenzy is that moment when the Beast completely overtakes the rational side of your character. You roll your Rage at a difficulty based on the phase of the moon. If you score 4 or 5 successes your character is in frenzy and the only way to avoid it is by an extreme exertion of sheer will by spending a willpower point. Yes. You have to role play out having to focus character's concentration to fight back the Beast and keep it caged.

Any Rage Roll can result in frenzy including Gifts which require a Rage Roll to activate.  Below are some of the common provocations that might cause a Rage Roll: 

  • Embarrassment or humiliation (e.g. botching an important roll)
  • Frustration
  • Stress
  • Any strong emotion (lust, rage, envy)
  • Extreme hunger
  • Confinement
  • Helplessness
  • Being taunted by a superior enemy
  • Large quantities of silver in the area
  • Being wounded
  • Seeing a packmate or loved one wounded

Thrall of the Wyrm

Thrall of the Wyrm is a berserk frenzy that takes a deep and dark turn. It's an unnatural and severe loss to the Beast and occurs when your character gets 6 or more successes on a Rage Roll. When your character experiences a Thrall, no amount of will can keep the Beast from the surface. You may not spend Willpower to avoid the frenzy. Also, your character will be prone to particularly vile and perverse acts. In the books these acts are defined by breed form. However, in WoDG we allow any aspect of the Triatic Wyrm to manifest depending on the circumstances of the frenzy.

While frenzies are for the most part seen as a natural part of the Garou condition, being caught in the Thrall is not. It is a source of shame as the Garou faces the ugly truth of the Wyrm within himself. Most Garou never get over the atrocities they commit while in Thrall and some even are driven to taking their own lives as a result.

  • Eater-of-Souls Thrall: This Wyrm drives its minions to eat humans, wolves, and even other Garou. A werewolf in this Thrall must roll Wits (difficulty 7) whenever she kills or incapacitates an opponent. If the roll is a botch, she must stop for a turn and eat her kill.
  • Defiler Wyrm Thrall: The Garou is driven to perform unspeakable sexual acts on their fallen prey, regardless of their respective genders. If a werewolf kills or incapacitates his prey, his player must roll Wits (difficulty 7). If the roll botches, the werewolf stops for a turn and slakes his unholy lusts on his prey’s corpse.
  • Beast-of-War Thrall: The Wyrm forces the Garou to tear into their victims until nothing is left but bloody chunks of meat and bone. The Garou loses all sense of mercy, and exists only to destroy. When a werewolf kills or incapacitates a foe while in the Thrall, the player must roll Wits (difficulty 7). If the roll botches, the werewolf savages his opponent’s corpse until it is torn limb from limb.

Marking off Rage in World of Darkness: Gotham

The gaining of Rage under normal circumstances is automated through our website in our Fluctuating Traits system. Additionally STs might give more Rage during a scene if the circumstances call for it. When your character gains Rage, it's not appropriate to simply mark it off the moment it comes onto your sheet because it's an inconvenience. You must burn the Rage legitimately and there are only a few ways to do that:

  1. During RP by activating a gift or in combat etc.
  2. During RP and working with other Garou to manage it by sparring, running with the pack and shifting forms or burning Rage for additional actions.
  3. Journaling the expenditure if you can't find someone to play with and notifying the STs of the Journal entry via a contact or downtime ticket.
  4. Using Meditation and putting those roll results in your downtime.
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