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This article discusses Pure Breed and its uses as well as Mating policies.


Pure Breed Among Urrah

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Pure Breed among the urrah is NOT an advantage. It’s a disadvantage. Bone Gnawers are the bulk of the Garou in the city, followed closely by Glass Walkers. Bone Gnawers don’t need to be constantly reminded by the presence of some Garou with Pure Breed that they are the low bred mutts and on the shit end of the Garou hierarchy. They know that already. Having a constant reminder is just going to piss them off. To Glass Walkers, Pure Breed is something that’s obsolete. It represents an unwillingness to upgrade one’s hardware or adapt to current market conditions. In the US at least, old money and aristocracy got replaced and brushed aside by ingenious industrialists of humble origins and their new economic muscle. Those bastards just steam rolled right over the aristocracy and the moneyed elite of old, literally. That’s a lesson not lost on the Glass Walkers. Don’t expect them to be impressed by an old money and noble Silver Fang who has gone insane because of some backwards and misguided breeding program. Leave the science to the Glass Walkers, son – you’ll just wind up hurting yourself.

Urrah understand that it's about individual and pack accomplishment, not selective breeding and pedigree. Looking at the Silver Fangs all that their selective breeding has led to is insanity and atrophy. It hasn't conferred any special advantages over population growth or united the tribes. It hangs around their neck like an albatross and is more like a curse than a boon. Other tribes see that and react accordingly. No matter what mystical ooohs and ahhhs are penciled into a single Background's description, it doesn't change the overall theme that Pure Breed is rare and among those who are well known to carry it, it's a source of decay of mind and spirit.

Those who don't carry it on the other hand are prospering. Out of all the tribes in the Garou Nation the Bone Gnawers are the most populous (WtA Core pg. 70) and they are about as pure as a tweaker hooker in a skid row flop house.

Now there are some stray NPCs of other tribes that might care. However, after living with the urbans for as long as they have, they have come to respect and understand their ways. They are *gasp* Weaverfied! 

So depending on the NPC, there may be a positive reaction but it will likely be tempered.

Further, characters with Pure Breed in the urban environment still suffer from high expectations. It's unfair, but urrah are delighted to point out whenever a Pure Bred character messes up. They are much harder on Pure Breds when conferring any sort of renown because "...those high and mighty bastards fucking oughta know better."

Pure Breed, Cyber, and Social Stats Stacking

So is there an advantage breeding with it? Nope. After all, it makes no sense that it should confer a bonus. The Silver Fangs are all Pure Bred and they are dying out. Their pretty white coats and regal bearing are a veneer over the madness and decay festering within. The least Pure are prospering (WtA Core pg. 70). This is a theme that is repeated over and over. So we're opting for the core principle rather than the exception found in a single line in a single description and exercising the option in the book that there is no bonus.

The team has been around the block more than a few times and we know that many Kinfolk players are notorious for creating cyber bait. These are characters that often have more than one social Merit stacked on a sheet like Animal Magnetism and Enchanting Voice along with the highest Pure Breed the chronicle will allow. They will often toss in additional Merits to make their blood taste yummy and take another Merit to make their character uppity in an effort to come as close to Sookie Stackhouse as possible. The yummy, cute, spunky, jail bait, princess concept is something we are very aware of and if we think your concept even comes close to that archetype, we will close it down during sanctioning.

Pure Breed Advantages


Among the more tragic elements of WtA is that of the first tenet of the Litany. How that was placed as the first tenet above let's say not rending the Veil or placed in the Litany at all as part of the game's design is definitely a good question. I'd like to think that it was a vehicle to provide an alternate choice of character type and provide another element of personal conflict in the venue.

Garou all relate to each other well. No one understands a Garou better than another Garou. Kinfolk don't have a Beast driving them to lunacy and horror, they aren't in a perpetual state of war, and can't feel the connection to Gaia. The drive to connect to a pack and to each other is inherent. Garou need to bond to each other; sometimes it's expressed sexually. This is a fact of life for the Garou just as it has been in other warrior cultures.

No matter how much one goes on about the first tenet of the Litany, the fact remains that Garou do seek each other's company; sometimes sexually and often to tragic ends. Metis come from somewhere.

But you spent the points on it! It’s only fair that there’s some advantage to taking Pure Breed!

Sure. When your character’s pack has to deal with Garou from outside the Sept; when they go somewhere and deal with other tribes and with rural Garou, there can be bonuses depending on the Sept and/or tribes involved in the dealings. It’s then when the Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers see the diplomatic uses of Pure Breed and its advantages at work where they may grow to not be so hostile about it – in time.

For Kinfolk it really won't confer upon them any special advantages in the urban setting among the urban tribes. If the Kinfolk is of a tribe or dealing with a Garou of a tribe that counts breeding over individual merit, then they will likely get a favorable reaction. However, it will always have to be backed up with proper etiquette and so forth. So yeah...brat Kinfolk concepts with high Pure Breed are going to find that any social bonuses that they might have in certain situations will swing the other way to be negative modifiers as word spreads that the kin isn't living up to its heritage. It's not cute, it's not spunky. It's just a tiresome cliché.

Mechanically, among the urban tribes and their rural urrah NPC brothers, Pure Breed confers no extra dice to social rolls. Rural Garou who have not resided in the city long or live in the country, it does.

Big Meanies!

That’s so restrictive and not fair! Why not just ban it outright?!

Pure Breed has its place. There are those players out there who appreciate how rare it should be in the modern cWoD setting. They understand the difference between having a legitimate reason for taking Pure Breed and using it as a cyber sex toy.

Those legitimate players are the ones that will take it and be happy playing out the disadvantages and not expect the mating advantages. It’s for those players that we still have it in WoDG at all.


Garou find using birth control problematic at best. Garou physiology is one of an amazingly strong life force. The same regenerative qualities that makes them process poisons and heal fast, also makes the efficacy of pharmaceuticals problematic at best. Drugs simply do not effect the Garou body the same way they do a human. Therefore, the contraceptives designed for humans is largely ineffective when it comes to Garou. Even condoms for male Garou don't give the certainties they do to humans or even kin.

Therefore, when a homid Garou player character has vaginal sex with another homid Garou, kin, or human, the ST team will make a secret roll to determine whether or not a pregnancy is the result. Another roll will be made to see if the pregnancy results in a Garou or kin. In the case of two Garou mating, the result will be a metis.

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