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Project Twilight refers to the covert culture within government agencies and their activities regarding the paranormal. Over the course of American history, many unexplained events have gained the attention of the government. Congress has responded by allocating funds from the National Budget to these agencies, which in turn earmark a portion for secret projects dealing with several different covert operations. Few people know about these "black book" projects as lump sums are given to the agency and then are lost in a sea of paper trails, code names, and marked "classified". Indeed the agencies within agencies within agencies are even hidden from their parent organization most of the time. These operations include secret backing of questionable governments or groups to protect U.S. interests, technological and scientific development, or where Project Twilight is concerned...the investigation and research into the paranormal and supernatural.

Governments all over the world and the agencies within have long been controlled and manipulated by the supernatural. Their covert culture and campaigns of misinformation in the name of "public safety" has been the biggest thorn in their side. However, fearing the reaction of the masses, they have been battling themselves and their bureaucracies rather than making significant progress to curb and possibly even control the forces they seek to understand.

In World of Darkness: Gotham, the government and its agencies are even more corrupt and shrouded in secrecy than in reality. Those at the top are guided by their own politics, agendas, and aspirations which often times calls for manipulating the very projects that they have created. Inter-agency rivalry, politics, betrayal, and sheer ruthlessness are some of the things an agent must deal with and deal with well in order to hope to survive lest he become another hidden casualty.

Does the national government know about the supernatural? Does it have hidden agencies investigating that which lurks in the darkness? If so, how much does it know? Who do they serve? Who do they answer to? These are all the nebulous territory of covert culture.

One thing is for certain, this is an exclusive club. You don’t send in an application for a transfer. You are selected for special assignment. Perhaps your character will one day be thrust in the middle of a clandestine meeting and get a chance to find out.

The Agencies

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): The Special Affairs Division (SAD) within the FBI hails back from the days of Herbert Hoover and is perhaps the agency that has had the most research compiled on the supernatural, but still hopelessly in the dark and misinformed as gaining real knowledge of the cultures of the different groups is not an easy task.

National Security Agency (NSA): The NSA is an agency whose roots date back to the 1950's. Officially, it does not exist and focuses on technology rather than on field agents. Because of this, NSA agents have a difficult time securing the cooperation of local authorities. Their agents are better equipped than their SAD counterparts, but are often inferior to them in quality. Most of their missions concern other agencies or divisions within their own as the paranoid culture plaguing the agency has become Spy vs. Spy.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA): The CIA was founded in 1947 and has been woefully unaware of the supernatural throughout history. Typical activities include intelligence gathering, subverting foreign elections, sabotage, spying on private citizens, performing illicit medical and scientific experiments on both agents and citizens, and assassinations both at home and abroad. Although missions have encountered the supernatural in the past, the agency was not aware of what it was dealing with. Few agents within the CIA are aware of supernaturals and when they try to alert their superiors, they are labeled as "crackpots".

Centers for Disease Control (CDC): Centers for Disease Control is an agency that deals with researching diseases, toxins, etc. With the advent of AIDS, a couple teams within the CDC had come close to discovering the Kindred.

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA): The Drug Enforcement Administration is a law enforcement agency that maintains narcotics regulations both at home and abroad. As a result, it comes in direct conflict with supernatural groups that are involved in the drug trade, but the agency is unaware of the true nature of these groups.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF): The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is a unique law enforcement agency in the United States Department of Justice that protects communities from violent criminals, criminal organizations, the illegal use and trafficking of firearms, the illegal use and storage of explosives, acts of arson and bombings, acts of terrorism, and the illegal diversion of alcohol and tobacco products. The ATF are woefully unaware of the supernatural.


Players interested in creating Law Enforcement Officers or Federal Agents can refer to the Law Enforcement Character Creation Guide for further information.

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