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The Plaza Hotel
Section: Uptown Manhattan
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
Address: 5th Ave. at Central Park South
Owner/Operator: Fairmont
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Located on 5th Avenue and Central Park South in the exclusive neighborhood of the Upper East Side, is the posh Plaza Hotel. Complete with a breathtaking view of Central Park right across the street, everything about this hotel says class. Since it opened its doors in 1907, the Plaza has always been the premier choice of knowledgeable travelers. It was built with all the pomp, glory, and opulence of a French chateau. Exquisitely decorated in Neo-Baroque, everywhere you turn you see pristine elegance and beauty, the rich detailing and the spectacular presence that are The Plaza's birthright.

Some of these amenities are large ballrooms, banquet halls, meeting rooms, salons, spas, restaurants, shops, and of course swanky suites...complete with an efficient and well managed valet service and army of concierges, bellhops and doormen scurrying to attend to the needs of arriving personages.

Several doors of mahogany and etched glass with brass rails welcomes the arrivals with doors to either side for the doormen to use when rolling in luggage on their shiny brass luggage carts. Upon entering the lobby one is greeted by an onslaught of activity from the patrons of the hotel and the staff which is carried out in a setting of sheer elegance and stature.

The lobby is decorated with large crystal chandeliers, original artwork, Italian marble flooring swathed in luxurious carpeting, ornately framed mirrors, and fine velvet furnishings with planters and palms set around them to define space.

Dominating the end of the lobby is the front desk and a gigantic white marble staircase dressed in a plush red carpet and brass safety rails inside the decorative marble rail. Seating is sparse and limited to sets of velvet chairs and sofas surrounding marble tables with vases and fresh cut flowers for centerpieces adorning the corners and nooks created by the sheltering presence of the staircase.

To the sides of this staircase are thoroughfares leading to the rear of the building and to house phones which are enclosed in mahogany and glass booths. Directly behind the staircase, at the start of the thoroughfare, is a secluded foyer which houses the elevators -- each complete with its own white-gloved attendant ready to help guest reach the comforts of their rooms. This is accessed at either side of the staircase.

The thoroughfare continues past the elevators and reunites in the rear of the building which houses a shopping and dining promenade with several exclusive boutiques, spas, salons, and gift shops.

The Oak Room

The Oak Room is a famous restaurant and lounge with a subdued and elegant atmosphere which serves as a tucked away respite for the elite of the city. The ornate Neo-Baroque found elsewhere in the Plaza dissolves into a warm yet stately restaurant and lounge trimmed entirely in rich oak. In the recesses of the lounge are sets of armchairs which surround small tables and in the south corner the table is a marble chess board with matching pieces with built in murals serving as a backdrop to the dignified and quiet atmosphere.

Services provided in the Oak Room are many. One may request the finest cigars, cocktails, enjoy fine gourmet fare, enlist concierge services, and other privileges reserved for "valued" guests. The staff does its utmost to provide an atmosphere of a retreat and rarely disappoints.

Note to Players: All sight and hearing Perception related rolls are at +1 difficulty in the Oak Room. ID is required and the lounge is 21 and over. Minors are at a +3 difficulty on social rolls involving sneaking in or passing fake ID off. The exception is if they are escorting a known “Stupid-Rich” person.

The Palm Court

As one rounds the shopping promenade from the east, one of the many of the hotel restaurants comes into view. The grand atmosphere provides the elite of New York a fine vantage point for viewing the latest scandals and antics among their peers, yet the booths on the north wall can serve as a hiding place for the more private socialites. The decor is French Baroque and the place is not made for intimate dining. The menu features a combination of French Continental cuisine and the popular steak and seafood dishes that appeal to the discriminating palate.

The Food Hall

The Food Hall is the brainchild of world renowned chef, Todd English. It's modeled after the world famous Harrad's (in London) food hall and features sumptuous treats draped by gourmet food product displays for for every budding five star chef set amid tasteful decor suitable for the discerning clientele of the Plaza. Located near the basement Promenade of shops, it serves as a very high end mall food court to the elite of New York City.

The Grand Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom rises from the main floor to the second level. It is a versatile elegant space. Its features are determined by the event at hand. For banquets, tables are set and a stage erected for keynote speakers. For a gala event, an orchestra may be set on the second level overlooking the festivities to maximize space and seating left to a minimal amount. The Balcony on the second level rounds the circumference of the room and large French doors open to an outdoor patio overlooking Central Park and the lights of the 5th Avenue and Central Park South.
Conference Rooms - Conference rooms on the second level resemble libraries when not in use. Book cases and armchairs occupy these spaces normally, exuding a manorial ambiance. Hotel staff set up the spaces based on patrons needs. The concierge is most typically the man to see when looking to make reservations.

Second Floor

The second floor features conference rooms, a great foyer whose main area is located on the west half of the building and the entrance to the balcony of the Grand Ballroom.

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