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Player Page is a custom content namespace within the WoDG Wiki that is designated for players so that they can fashion their Players' Portal. Our hope is that the players will find ways to shape a Players' Portal that is useful to them.


How to Use Player Pages

The team has tried to anticipate a lot of things that the community might need. We've designed the wiki to be robust. However, there are simply some things that we likely have missed or simply feel are better left in the hands of players. So we hope that players can fashion a sort of Player's Guide Addendum to the already provided wiki.

Some things we see as possible starting points:

  • Character Profile Pages - You know with pictures!
  • Player Owned or Created Chat Room Locations - You know with maps!
  • Player Page Discussions - You throw spit wads at each other!
  • Player Tips - You tweak character builds and stuff!
  • Player Help - You know...for a shoulder to cry on!
  • Alliance Pages - You know...for your cabal, pack, coterie, alliance, etc!


The team has provided this feature to the players. We really have no desire or intention to interfere in the direction and design of the Players' Portal. With the exception of the landing page (which we just did real fast to get you started), we've left it pretty blank for that reason. We may add a few things like a notation or two. For instance, we do have NPC profiles planned so that may be inserted along with the rest of the Character Profiles (which is a category for both NPCs and PCs). However, this is yours to make of it what you will and the responsibility to treat each other and the feature with respect is also yours. 

Bearing that in mind let's say a few words...


We expect everyone to be courteous and come together in a productive and positive way while fashioning the Players' Portal. Players should know the basics of how to edit and create pages in a wiki environment and what the proper etiquette is. For example, if you're participating in a talk page, sign your comments.

Feel free to patrol the Players' Portal part of the wiki. It's yours. If there are inconsistencies, errors, mispellings, boo boos, and so on...fix 'em.

If we have issues with individuals we will ban them from editing and creating if they simply can't handle it.


We really think people should be on their honour here and respect pages of other players. However, some players may find it helpful to allow others to edit their pages and so the Player Page namespace has been left open for all to edit. If there's a specific character page, allow the author (likely also the player of said character) designate whether they welcome others to edit their character page before you go trouncing all over their flower patch.

If vandalism becomes a problem, we will just install a feature that will lock down pages to only those who created them. That won't be nice for anyone so make sure to keep a tight reign on vandalism.

Keep It Clean!

We will be upset with rot (dead links, missing images, etc.) and mercilessly stomp it out and the users that allow it to proliferate. We also insist that you keep the Player Portal organized according to wiki standards.


Player Page talk Namespace

The team has basically disabled the regular Talk namespace for everyone but admins. The only reason to keep it from the community is to avoid confusion between Talk and the Player Page talk Namespaces.

What's the difference between a Player Page and a Player Page talk Page?

Well the Player Page is for set articles. The Player Page talk page is for discussions about those articles.

What's the difference between the Discussion tab on any page in any other namespace and the Discussion tab while on a Player Page namespace page?

The difference is that when you click the discussion tab while viewing an article you are brought to the Talk namespace which is closed to avoid confusing it with the Player Page talk namespace. You can distinguish between them by looking at the page title. The closed off namespace simply says Talk while the other will be prefaced by a Player Page talk: prefix.

Why make the distinction between Talk and Player Page talk namespaces?

Because the MediaWiki software works in such a way that it would be a pain in the ass to keep clicking back and forth between Talk and article and Player Pages and then Player Page talk. This way you remember one talk for all. It's simply a way to keep the conversations streamlined.

Player Page Tab

This automatically brings you to the Player Page that corresponds to the article you are viewing or creates a corresponding article to the page you are viewing if there is none.

Creating an Article

To create a completely new page, simply type in the search box Player Page: MYARTICLENAME and hit enter. It will reveal search results and in those results will be a red link where you can click to create a new page with that name. It will then open an edit page for that article and you can begin typing in your content.

To create an article which is a companion to another existing article, then you simply click the Player Page tab and it will ask you if you want to create that page. So if you wanted to create an article to accompany the Vampire Character Creation Guidelines, you'd simply go to Vampire Character Creation and click the Player Page tab and then start typing away.

How to Edit the Wiki

See: Help, Wiki Cheat Sheet, and Sample Character Profile (A simple template for you to copy and paste and fill in with your character's information.)

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Putting the Workflow Together

So take this example...

You browse the Crossover rules for the community in the main namespace.

The Player Page tab for that article is used for any Player notes corresponding to that article in the main namespace. Say you might have a character build tip to share as a result of reviewing those Crossover rules, you could make a player page to correspond to it sharing that tip with the rest of the community.

The discussion tab will correspond to the namespace it is currently on so say if you want to access the discussion tab for that discussion you would click on the Player Page tab on the Crossover page. Here you can write notes down for yourself and your fellows. Then click the discussion tab and that will bring up or create the page Player Page talk: ARTICLE NAME.  Here you can discuss the article that was posted and the notes contained on the corresponding Player Page.

Another example...

You are not limited to creating pages that correspond to existing articles. You don't have to click on the Player tab to create a page.

You can create a page by typing Player Page: Page Name in the search box of the wiki and it will do a search for an article. If it's not already created, then it will appear in red. You click the red link and a page with that name you searched for is created. This is how you can create other Player Pages that are independent of existing articles and categories.

Please, Please, Please!

Please, please, please heed our warnings about being responsible with this feature and the freedom given. We don't want to ever take it away. However, we will if you can't patrol it, can't keep it clean, keep troublemakers in check, or cause us grief (the Team).

Parting Words of Wisdom

As a final note...consider what you shove up here for all to see. Players vary on their preferences. Some like to keep most things about their characters secret. Some love to share. Some are somewhere in the middle. We don't want to bring up the M-word but it does have to be tossed out there for your consideration.

We're not telling you not to have fun and go hog wild with these Player Pages. We're just saying to play smart with it and consider your in-game strategy.

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