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Sydney Cassadine


The scars of the soul...

run much deeper...

and much darker...

than the pains of the heart.

Character Profile

Small in stature, Sydney barely tops out at 5 feet tall. Perhaps 110 pounds soaking wet. Her pale, frosty green eyes are outlined in black khol, and peer out from beneath a thick crescent moon of dark lashes, which creates the frosted appearance. She has soft ebony hair, flowing in long, disheveled curly locks, almost reaching her waist. Due to her heritage, she has flawless olive colored skin, and soft, light pink lips.

Her attire is different, depending on where she is going. Sometimes, she can be seen wearing her hair in a tight bun at the base of her neck, and silver rimmed glasses that are more for looks than anything else. Her clothes will be ironed and pressed, very conservative.

Out and about on those mild nights she will wear faded jeans, corset/midriffs, and either heels or boots. Her hair will be worn down, with a light dusting of makeup on her face. On those bone chilling cold nights, she wears a white button up coat that comes to her knees, a white crocheted beanie on her head, white gloves, faded jeans, and white high heeled boots. This actually puts about another 2" - 3" on her height.

She wears an Egyptian necklace of gold with a bright blue scarab blossoming within, an Egyptian style slave bracelet with intricate detailing on her left hand, and a gold belly ring with a pyramid hanging from it, connected to a gold chain around her waist. Her nails are of medium length, always nicely manicured and polished. ( Appearance 3 ).  


Sydney seems to be an intelligent, well mannered young woman. Dressed conservative or for a night out on the town. Whether friendly or rather quiet, depends on the circumstances. Usually she at least has a soft smile for most.

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Public Opinion

Feel free to leave your opinions. I respect constructive criticism.

Play Style

Semi-hardcore to hardcore. Anything goes, but if sexual scenes (violent or not) become too explicit, I will at some point ask to fade-to-black." Dark themes are a Plus.


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