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Mage ST


- Availability -             

I'm in the Central United States time zone so I can mostly be found on in the evening hours, you know between 7pm and 11pm most often.

On the weekends I'm mostly on from 1pm till 11pm.

- Contact Method -        

Should you need to reach me for something, feel free send me a message via contact ticket.  I should be able to get too you pretty quickly one way or another hopefully.  

- ST Style and Graphic Content Rating -

I want people to have fun, and first and foremost remember that this is a game.  I will treat each and every player with respect and consideration as long as they do the same to me.  The way I run allows for flexibility and is in no way linear.  I want you to think,  to go outside the box, and don't just expect a storyline to follow a predefined path that doesn't allow for people to explore new ideas and solutions to problems. As for graphic content? Anything goes in my book.  I don't go out of my way to include graphic content, but I look at the situation or scenes and run them as naturally as I can.  That means if there is sex, gore, violence, and depravity then so be it.  Dealing with such issues is what helps characters to develop right? That said, if you are not comfortable with it then just let me know.  I will abide by your character profile and if it isn't listed, will ask.

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