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See the new pyramids down in old Manhattan, From the roof of a friend's I watched an empire ending, Heard it loud and long the river's Om, Time marching on to a madman's drum
-Bright Eyes, Cleanse Song

Character Profile



Fresh faced and pink cheeked, Nebraska is unmistakably in her very early 20's. A tall girl at 5'10, long limbed and slim but not by no means waifish. Among her more striking features are light green eyes edged by thick black lashes, and long wavy hair in a natural mix of warm browns. For clothing she favors soft-grunge, flash in the pan hipster trends and exposed skin. Wherever Nebraska wanders the earthy-sweet smell of patchouli oil and lavender follows. She's never without a large black guitar case or calico fanny-pack (App 4, Innocent)


There's a happy and relaxed way about Nebraska. When engaged in conversation she tends to invade peoples personal space, standing a little too close. She talks with her hands when excited but lacks any distinct accent.

Public Knowledge

Very few people know this individual by the name Nebraska.

Play Style

Hardcore This player enjoys content of a graphic and violent nature.

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