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Marcus Sevenar

Marcus is played by Miinstrel.


The man in his late twenties before you is well-groomed and boyishly handsome. His six foot two inch body is devoid of artificial enhancements like piercings or tattoos. If you find him in the city, the stylish lines of his modern suits complement his sharp features. Outside Manhattan he dresses down a bit unless on business. When not in conversation his eyes frequently scan the soft glow of his smartphone.

Appearance 3

What's On Google

A quick Google search shows his name prominently on the first page as the owner of an information security company called 7R Securities. Should you venture to page 2 or beyond, links abound of rumors and scandals surrounding the death of his wife in a 2006 auto accident. He was acquitted in spite of these accusations.


Ever the charming gentleman, Marcus seems relaxed despite his tendency toward formality. He moves fluidly with a downplayed swagger of confidence and looks you in the eye when he speaks. A good conversationalist, his words are light-hearted yet pointed and slide off his tongue in a gentle baritone. He is amiable to most though at worst you might describe him as tolerant.

OOC Info


No limits, though senselessly graphic isn't my style. It should still contribute to the scene.


Weekdays: After 6pm PST (GMT -8)
Weekends: Varies, typically afternoons/evenings

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