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Manette is small and slender and average looking, her thick dark hair skinned back into a tight bun. Threads of gray stand out at her hairline, but the face and dark brown eyes belong to a woman in her early thirties; solemn and a little intense, but still young. There is a line worn across her forehead from raising her eyebrows constantly.

Outside of her lab, Manette wears business casual that looks like it was purchased off of a list - neutral suits with slacks, jewel-toned conservative blouses, minimalist jewelry, dress shoes with one-and-a-half inch heels. She stands like someone who's wearing something different, with her hands shoved in her pockets or on her hips, and the heels of her shoes are worn down from her tendency to rock back on them while she talks.


Manette speaks with a trace of a Baltimore accent in a low alto. She tends to gesture as she talks, attempting to illustrate her words with her hands (although the gestures are often not very easily deciphered). She rarely smiles when speaking in a professional setting, but when it happens it is wide and polished and never reaches her eyes.

Public Information

Anyone googling Manette will find that she holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology, and until recently was an associate professor at John Hopkins University in Baltimore.


Casual to Semi-hardcore Anything goes, for now.

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