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Character Profile


A tall black or possibly creole man with a wiry build in his 30s. His corded arms are covered tattoos which continue up to his torso and under his wife beater all the way up his neck. The scenes upon them are eclectic and full of odd imagery and iconography. He has bead work around his wrists, diamond piercings in his ears, and a host of gold, silver, beaded, and leather necklaces. One of it carries a charm of a gold monkey skull. He has a nest of dreads that are tucked into a big ass black hat and a thin mustache. Aside from the wife beater and hat, he wears loose fit jeans or cargos and work boots. His eyes are obscured by a set of black RayBan sunglasses and his posture is one of a relaxed, street hood - a master of all and servant to none as he smokes a Black n Mild languidly.


A somewhat reckless and dangerous vibe radiates around Kriminel. It's as if he truly has a devil may care outlook on life.

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