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Words that kill

Would you speak them to me

With your breath so still

It makes me believe

The Sins never die

Can't wash this blood off our hands

Let the world fear us all

it's just means to an end.

Sins of the Father, Donna Burke

Kade Novitskaya

"Who are you to Judge me for who and what I am?"
Kade is played by Korzan

Character Profile


Kade is a behemoth of a man standing at Six foot Nine inches tall with a robust physique that seems to be streamlined in a manner with a fluid like grace to every movement that would make you picture an agile MMA fighter. Another good way to explain him is that he is built like a brick shithouse. An intensity always follows Kade wherever he goes, from the look in his eyes to his posture and presence there is something incredibly intense about him, something that speaks you should really stay on his good side. He sports short, neatly trimmed platinum blonde hair and a near clean shave going on and carries himself with a regal posture. Whatever he wears, he seems to keep it neat and crisp with a strong bent towards function before form.

((App 4, Noble Bearing)


At first glance what you see is what you get. An Intense behemoth of a man who seems to lack any capability to smile, big and intimidating Kade is not someone you wish to get on the wrong side of. Least your face meet the ground. His presence seems to create a bubble around him where people seem to unwaveringly move around him even through a crowded street with little space.

Play Style

Semi Hardcore to Hardcore, I can take most if any graphic settings you throw. Just no eye torture!

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