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Julian Bryson



Success is often sired in the bedroom of failure.
Feyd-Ruatha, Dune

Character Information

The young brunette before you has the physique of a person who believes in maintaining physical health. His shoulder length chestnut hair is often unbound by ties and remains windblown much of the time. Behind his amber eyes, there is a passion, deep but troubled, which is almost palpable. A confident man, he projects an aura of intensity, which might unsettle some but those who it doesn't find a charming and affable man, if not prone to the occasional bout of cynicism. Also noticeable is his tendency towards distraction. Often during conversation, the young man will glance around and focus his attention elsewhere but he is always quick to add he's still listening. When he speaks, it is in a powerful baritone voice with a lilting and easy tone to it, making it so despite his naturally deep voice, there is little lost in translation.

No matter the time of the year, he can be found wearing button-ups from Wal-Mart or band t-shirts from eighties metal and rock bands, particularly Dream Theatre or the Mission UK. He is never seen in khaki or dress pants unless the situation absolutely calls for it, preferring to wear denim jeans and jackets over heavy combat boots. During colder months, heavy army jackets are a common sight.

OOC Information

Obvious Attributes

Appearance 3

Play Style

I'm semi-hardcore with hardcore tendencies.

Graphic Content

Good luck offending me with RP material. Just don't touch me inappropriately OOC.


Model: Mariusz Panek.
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