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Joshua Reed


Character Profile


Joshua is an average height, average-looking male of mixed European descent. Brown hair, brown eyes, athletic build. Appears to be in his mid-to-late 20's.

On weekdays, he's most often seen in an average, dark business suit, white dress shirt, and an understated, dark-colored tie. During cold or inclement weather, he can be seen wearing an appropriate long coat over his suit.

On weekends, his outfit varies from casual to business-casual - from jeans and a t-shirt to khakis and a polo or dress shirt. Also wearing a casual jacket or coat during cold or inclement weather.

Additionally, Joshua might occasionally be seen carrying a shoulder-bag or similar bag when moving from place to place.


Joshua is a relatively quiet man - not shy, just doesn't always have much to say. Aside from that, he seems reasonably good-natured, and fairly easy to get along with.

Play Style

Casual to Semi-Hardcore

Anything goes.

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