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Character Profile


With a large broad frame and permanent look of displeasure carved into his crude features, he is as mean as he is big. This mysterious chap can be commonly seen frequenting the city’s various pubs and hushed back alley brawling bars, usually located atop a mangled pile of nightly challengers. With arms the size of small cars and a scowl that could send a platoon of soldiers running for cover, he sometimes walks down the dark streets of some of New York City's most dangerous sections some say for fun, as even the hardened thugs of the city figure shooting a guy like that would only piss him off. Responding to most attempts at conversation with a short annoyed grumble, followed usually by a large fist for those who don't know when to leave him be...It is no surprise old Jones walks alone.


Jones has a demeanour which would make the Hulk seem cordial. He's gruff, crude, rude, and one short look from the man and he will send all but the most stubborn or stupid running for cover.

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