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Joby Wallace

"A heart contented in Christ serves. A heart uncontented seeks to be served."

Character Profile


Standing right at six feet tall, Joby absent-mindedly runs his hand through this hair. Tight on the sides and often found in a pomp, spit curl, or a mass of curls if he doesn't do too much with it in the morning. His green eyes gleam with a bit of mischief. He is most often seen wearing a v-neck t, a flannel shirt with the cuffs rolled up, jeans, and boots. On his right forearm is a black and white tattoo of a phoenix and his left is wrapped with a tattoo of Greek lettering. When at work, however, there's a difference in how Job presents himself to the world. Dress pants and a long-sleeved shirt with a clerical collar make him seem a lot more clean cut.


Whatever he's wearing, Joby carries himself in a laid back manner. Quick to smile or share a laugh, Joby tries to seem approachable.

Other Information

When not working his 9-to-5 as a chaplain, Joby is often seen spending some time working with My Brother's Keeper, a parachurch organization that works to provide food, shelter and other support for the poor and homeless.

Play Style

Content: I'm up for pretty much anything. When it comes to sex, though, innuendo is about as far as I go.

Play Style: While I strive for Semi-hardcore, I work a museum with weird hours and a couple of times a year (depending on our programming) I'll be forced to pop back to casual check-ins.

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