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Jo Hyeon Jae
"I see."
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Build: Trim
Player: agbdavis
Style: Casual


The nail that sticks up,
gets hammered down.
Korean proverb

First Impressions

This young Asian man is neatly dressed in business casual - slacks or nice jeans, dress shirt, and jacket - but his short fingers are callus-stubbed and his fingernails have a thin crescent of black rime under them. Tall for a Korean, he is only average height among Americans. Hyeon-Jae is slow to smile, but his high and broad cheekbones - Mongolian blood - mean that his smiles take over his whole face, under his shaggy black hair.

A Closer Look

In many respects, Jo Hyeon-Jae (조현재) is not particularly noteworthy. His attitude is self-effacing and quiet, though certainly friendly enough when spoken to. He is not at all aggressive, and blushes when jostled, rather than saying anything. He has a slight accent, of an undefined Asian quality.

Hyeon-Jae smells slightly of kimchi, the spicy pickled cabbage dish that is central to Korean cuisine. While not offensive, the sour odor is noticeable when standing close to him. Mentioning this, however, would be extremely rude.

Other Information

Please note that Korean names have their order reversed. "Jo" (also romanized as "Cho") is Hyeon-Jae's last name. It would be incorrect to refer to him as "Mr. Jae" or "Jo."

I am comfortable with graphic levels of violence, but not with any graphic sexuality. Please oblige me by "fading to black," when you consider that sort of thing necessary.


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