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Jimothy Patrick


Jimothy Lives at Jimothy's Mancave

Character Profile


Jimothy stands 6 feet 2 inches tall, with short brown hair with lighter ends and spots sprinkled in, which is often mistaken for dyed highlights. He has a fairly well maintained, short beard and can usually wearing comfortable clothes or a pair of coveralls and his trusty wireless blutooth headphones around his neck.

Jimothy is not particularly buff but does look to be in moderate shape and is a reasonably attractive man (APP 3). He talks with a thick southern accent and his voice carries well, which can sometimes get him into some trouble.

He can sometimes be seen with forgotten random tools sticking out of his pockets.


Jimothy carries himself confidently around town and exudes the image of a mechanic or other blue collar worker. He looks like a man who works because he likes to, not because he has to. His attractive looks and seemingly highlighted hair puts him just at the verge of being "pretty boy" among his co-workers.


Public Opinion

Anyone who would like to drop an opinion, feel free.

"This guy's fucking awesome. Anyone who doesn't fucking think so can rot in fucking hell." ~Alana Brody

"Tha homeless guy?..OH wait.. him... 'e's alright, I guess honey." ~LuLu Montgomery

"This guy seems pretty cool." -Killian

Play Style

Casual to semi hardcore for now.

Most anything goes, will let you know if prefer to fade to black.


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