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Jethro Kane

"There are always things to find."
Jethro is played by Korzan

Character Profile


Jethro stands easily at Six and a half feet tall with a solid muscled build that carries a subtle predators grace to it. He has green eyes that seem to carry a rather alert look about them, like an eagle always watching very little escapes his notice. He sports a mild 5'o'clock shadow and a short black pony tail that on occasion is down and loose into curly hair.


Upon first glance you can see a man who is very much on the look out of his surrounds, casting judgemental eyes over those he surveys. Those around him seem to keep their distance to some degree or another however, feeling unnerved or otherwise.

Play Style

  • Semi-Hardcore - You are a casual to semi-serious player who logs in more regularly (up to a few times a week). The bulk of your play is in open gaming and player driven stories, but you're up for playing in ST storylines as a change of pace and to meet your character goals. You do have a couple serious milestones you'd like to accomplish with your character. Your play style might be a bit more aggressive as you mix up socializing with a bit of IC scheming. You identify with your characters, and you'd like to see them grow. IRL is really busy, but you try to carve out entertainment time for yourself regularly and keep to it. One of your favoured things to do for entertainment is RP.

Content: Whatever comes along! If it fits the situation I'll roll with it. Edit for Image: His image changed, unable to find original as the site went down, found the closest I could get.

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