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James stands at just over six feet and one inch and carries himself with excellent posture; he keeps his shoulders back, chin up, and gaze steady. His build is athletic but not overly so, thick throughout but far from that of a hardcore weight lifter. His browner-than-blonde hair is short and neatly barbered, parted on the left side and slightly slick with gel. His eyes are grey and his face is long, sharp, and angular. With his somewhat beaky nose, it all comes together to make him look a bit hawkish, but still handsome in an older Ivy League sort of way. At first glance, he seems to be in his early thirties or late twenties.

James prefers his suits in shades of either grey or navy blue, but he keeps the requisite black tie attire, should the need arise. When the situation calls for something more casual, James will head out in slacks, button up collared shirts, golf shirts, cardigans and other sweaters. It's rare that he wears jeans or a tee shirt out in public. He'll commonly throw on a sport-jacket, or a peacoat in the winter.


A polished, calm and collected American capitalist. He's obviously not a local, as he speaks with a somewhat diluted mid-western accent. While the words that come out of his mouth are practiced and friendly, they lack warmth. His smile, however wide it may grow, seems superimposed on his face. He stares too long and too hard, and despite his handsome presentation, he has a tendency to unnerve people. Shivers along the spine are not uncommon when staring back into his grey eyes.

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