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Jake Winters

"Fuck off."
Jake Winters is played by -Kovi

Character Profile


6'4", 205 pounds, slicked back brown hair, light goatee, brown eyes. Tattoos on arms, chest and back.

Average Outfit- Scuffed heavy brown canvas jeans, Heavy black leather engineer boots, black cotton shirt, Leather 'biker' vest featuring an array of patches

('1%er' diamond on lapel, 'FoaF' square patch over right breast with rectangle 'FTW', 'Dequiallo' and 'Filthy Few' below, On the back a four piece patch- Top Rocker 'Solo', Middle round featuring large burning tire, Bottom Rocker 'No Club' and a square 'MC' off to the side.)

Bike Gear, usually only worn while riding- Leather jacket, US army surplus helmet, Leather gloves, mirrored aviators.


Mean, intimidating, and fairly unpleasant. [Appearance 2, Physically Impressive Merit]

Other Information


Public Opinion

Play Style

Semi-Hardcore, No limitations

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