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Jael Emelin

Character Profile

The word on the street

Was it a blonde bob? Long brilliant red curls? A purple pixie cut? She had to have had blue eyes, or were they green? She looked like a younger woman though .. on the taller side ... great figure. It was a brown pony tail. She sure was pretty.

(App 3)

Impression from the street

"She seemed quiet at first but then got chatty. Real nice lady. Said they were trying to get pregnant and liked coming to the park to watch the kids. Gave her hope. Seemed good with the kids." - Mom at the park

"She's pretty fucking cool. Didn't give me a hard time about the smack and shit. Said she could get me a job where I could make some good money easy. Gunna take her up on that if she comes around again." - Homeless youth

Play Style

Semi-Hardcore - anything goes.

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