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Character Profile

Description Jacob is about 1,75 meters tall (or short), with Nordic features and a lithe bone structure. Hair color has been changed a few times, but is currently a very light blonde, kept at roughly shoulder length. His eyes are frosty blue, resting above a small nose and a thin, usually smiling mouth. The clothes he wears can come from a great many places - anything from semi-expensive cardigans to second (and third) - hand garments long since abandoned by the original owner. His age seems to be early to mid-twenties.


Jacob's a friendly, often somewhat emotional sort. He reacts easily to other people, treating them with a rare openness and empathy, rarely holding much back. Jacob's often seen at Columbia University, usually with a book under his arm.

Other Information

None yet.

Play Style

Play style : casual to semi-hardcore. Graphic content limitations : 18+

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