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To most of the world he is known only as Jax, and he is always very friendly and slightly menacing.

He is married to a beautiful young woman, Nadine, and is often with her.


Standing about six feet tall, he is rugged and refined. The dominant personality behind the expensive, tailored suit and carefully chosen words is apparent in the posture and inflection he shows continuously. There is an air of mystery about him though, something not quite identifiable. A certain seriousness behind his confident eyes gives any potential assholes pause before they say anything - and the young or socially inept seem to shy away from his presence in a subconscious but instinctual response. A good looking man whose slight facial flaws only serve to humanize his memorable visage. A simple, thick, platinum wedding ring proudly displayed on his left hand seems to add an elegant accent to his otherwise not-at-all flashy charcoal suit and black tie attire.

Charming, above and beyond everything else. He has a knack for saying the right thing at the right time. Even if he's inadvertently offended you, he seems to ignore it in favor of a gentle but arrogant sort of camaraderie. It's almost as if he assumes being in his 'inner circle' would be more important than holding a grudge for some offhanded comment from an obviously in-charge, confident and cunning Man.


Somewhere between Semi-Hardcore and Hardcore
Mature Adult. Fade-to-Black if necessary. ((Married))

It would require some IC effort to discover where he lives.
OOC Residential Information: The McCray Home

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