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Character Profile


Tall, ruggedly, tough as nails, noirish...these are all words that could describe this 30-something P. I. with a personality every bit as gritty and hard as the streets on which he grew up. He is a man who has seen it all, and isn't much impressed anymore. Though there is a squooshy underside to Jack as it's not unknown for him to show kindness towards the city's lower echelon of citizenry. Equally, he has a fierce violent temper which lashes out at those who seek to abuse the weak. Jack is seen to be at home dropping change into a beggar's hands or giving a savage pistol whipping to a local thug who's got too big for his britches. 


Jack is the classic gumshoe a-la Raymond Chandler's Marlowe. He's fairly imposing, but definitely has a weakness for underdogs. 

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