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Character Description

Long, luxurious, golden tendrils surround a radiant visage and frame a haunting, willful gaze set into almond-shaped, intense green eyes which gleam like fiery emeralds inside a mounting of thick, sooty lashes. These are the features of the striking beauty only known to a discerning few. They know of a young, petite and intelligent blonde with vibrant charm who possesses unmatched determination, uncanny confidence, and an enigmatic potency which echoes in her cadence with a hypnotic rhythm found mirroring that of the city that never sleeps. To everyone else, it's as if her very person fits so seamlessly into the fabric of New York City that despite her stunning features she is often overlooked - making her one of New York's rare treasures.
Personal Style
She is usually dressed in relaxed urban threads and vintage pieces that mark her as a neo-hippie and even give her a tribal vibe. She prefers retro fashions and has a thrift-store chic sense of style which she usually combines with classic and sophisticated silhouettes. Depending on her mood this style carries themes that run the gambit from romantic to relaxed to futuristic to formal to Gothic to psychedelic and everything in between.
This Season
J wears long full length coats, usually inspired by a theme from 60s to 1940s military officer coats. She plays with bold prints and colors at times, but usually prefers a neutral palette.
(App 4, Radiant)

Play Style Info

Style: Hardcore

Violent, Graphic Content, and Black Dog Stuff: All da way baybee!

Prison for praise is not worth thinking
Sin is still in and our ballots are shrinking
So unleash the dogs - the only solution
Forgive and forget, fuck no
I'm talking about a revolution

Votin' With A Bullet, Corrosion of Conformity
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