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Isabelle Schulz


Isabelle Schulz is played by IvIistress;

[Um Pouco de Algo]

[Money is a Beautiful Thing]

[Just Adding a Little Class]

Character Profile


Isabelle is a pretty young woman with sun-kissed caramel brown skin and long black hair [App 3]. She is tall and lean, maybe even a bit on the skinny side, standing 5'11" barefoot, plus three to five inches when she's wearing any of her beloved designer heels. Her long black hair is sometimes straightened, wavy, or curly, but it nearly always look impeccably done, even when it's messy it looks like it's done on purpose with each hair strategically placed.

Isabelle is nearly always dressed up, even when she's wearing casual clothes. Once you get to know her, if you catch her wearing anything that's not expensive and designer made, you may want to check and see if she's sick. From dresses to casual wear, each outfit she wears looks to be carefully picked out and 'just so'.

Isabelle is a confident woman who comes across sometimes as a bit over confident. There is intelligence and shrewdness behind her dark brown, near-black eyes, and she seems to pay very close attention to the people speaking to her in a way that makes some uncomfortable as she can seem like she's looking right through you.


Isabelle carries herself confidently and sometimes a bit over confidently. She comes across to most as kind and somewhat quiet and seems to choose her words carefully in most circumstances. There may be a few who would regard her as bossy, and it may seem a bit obvious that she's someone used to things a certain way, her way.


Public Opinion

Anyone who would like to drop an opinion, feel free.

Play Style

Semi-Hardcore to Hardcore (Hardcore most of the time, but I am normally in bed by 10pm US EST (NYC Time) except on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. This can however be worked around if scheduled ahead of time :) ))

Anything goes most of the time, situation may vary.



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